Add Some Autumn Colour to Your Yard with These Beautiful Trees

Almost everyone appreciates the beautiful displays of warm colour put on by Canada’s deciduous trees every autumn. Unfortunately, many Canadians only get to enjoy this lovely autumn foliage when walking or driving down the street. Give yourself something to look at on your own property by planting a tree, or several trees, that looks stunning in the autumn. Here are five great suggestions that may work for your yard:
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The Six Scariest Looking Trees in the World

When people are asked to think of something scary, their first thought isn’t usually a tree. Trees are often described as beautiful and majestic, not terrifying and unnerving. However, with their gangly limbs, twisted trunks and dead bark, some trees can actually be pretty scary. Not convinced? The following six trees will show you just how spooky trees can actually be:
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Is Your Tree Suited for a Tree House?

Childhood is a time of wonder and imagination, and playing outdoors gives children a place to explore worlds of their own creation without relying on digital entertainment sources. One perfect environment for kids to cultivate a vivid imagination is a private tree house. In a tree house, kids can pretend to be high-seas pirates, adventurous astronauts, culinary master chefs, or whatever else their hearts desire.
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Low-Maintenance Trees for Your Yard

Owning a home brings the responsibility of managing the yard space around the home. That task involves more than mowing the lawn and pulling the weeds. It also entails landscaping a yard that matches your desires.

For young families, the perfect yard often means a fenced-in area for kids to roam free. For retired couples, the perfect yard could include a well-maintained garden and a deck for entertaining. Whatever your situation in life, your yard should reflect you. But, you don’t want spending time in your yard to feel like a chore.
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How to Transplant a Tree

There’s a saying that goes, “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

We plant trees for a number of reasons. We want to mitigate the effects greenhouse gases have on the environment. We want fresh fruit. We want to enhance the beauty and value of our homes.

No matter how much you value your tree, you may have to move it so it can grow strong in its own space. If you put the same care into transplanting your tree as you did growing it, you can maintain its value and beauty. In this post, we will outline why you would need to transplant a tree and how to safely do so.

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What to Do After a Big Storm Damages Your Trees

In early September 2014, Calgary experienced some intense snowfall that damaged quite a few trees in the city. City officials had to prioritize efforts to clear away the fallen trees and branches.

Tree-damaging storms often occur throughout Western Canada, and they don’t limit their casualties to public trees. Trees in more established neighbourhoods can also undergo severe damage due to severe weather. It’s not a problem most homeowners think about until a tree falls in their yard.

When tree damage occurs at your house, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or unsure about how to proceed. You can manage your trees after a storm by following the procedure outlined below.
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The Maple Leaf Forever: Choosing a Maple for Your Yard

Maple trees are some of the most versatile and beautiful trees in the world. Despite the maple tree’s popularity in Canada, many may not understand their origin as a national symbol. In this blog, we’ll go over everything you ever wanted to know about maple trees.

History of the Maple Leaf Symbol

The maple leaf has been part of Canada’s image since as early as 1700. Early on, Canadian clubs and newspapers used and advocated the maple leaf as a national emblem. But it was not until 1996 that Canada chose the maple tree as its National Arboreal Emblem.
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Identify Common Trees in Alberta and British Columbia

Western Canada is home to some of the most beautiful forests in the world. In a region blessed with so many species of trees, you could easily get swept up in the majesty of the landscape without ever knowing the name of a single tree species.

Appreciate the beauty of Alberta and British Columbia on a deeper level by learning to identify some of the more popular trees in the area.

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