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Fertilizer 101: How and When to Fertilize

As grass begins to grow and your trees begin to sprout leaves again, this is a good indication that it’s time to apply fertilizer. Not sure when or how to fertilize? Keep reading for a few tips to help keep your lawn and trees fresh as we head toward warmer temperatures.


It’s best to start fertilizing your lawn and trees in the early spring. Depending on your province, you can start anywhere between February and April. When your grass starts to turn green and is actively growing, this is the perfect time to apply your first round of fertilizer.

How Often?

If you want to keep your lawn fresh all spring and into the summer, you should fertilize your lawn every six to eight weeks. Continue lawn applications throughout the growing season and before the first snowfall. Trees should be fertilized twice a year, once in the spring or summer, once in the fall.

Choosing the Right Kind

Choosing the right fertilizer can be important to keeping your lawn and trees in tip top shape. The type of fertilizer used depends on the following factors: the species of the tree or grass, its age, the soil conditions, the overall health of the grass or tree, and the local stress conditions. At ArborCare, we use an acidic fertilizer with micronutrients and humic acid. This helps neutralize alkalinity and promotes tree and shrub leaf growth.

Fertilization Services in Western Canada

Our professional arborists know the local soil conditions and plant requirements. They’ll mix and apply fertilizer products to deliver maximum nourishment to your plants. Contact us today to learn more about our tree and shrub fertilizer service and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and certified arborists!

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