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Softscaping services in Calgary

Softscaping is an important element of landscape design and maintenance. Fortunately, ArborCare® now offers softscaping services for commercial and residential customers in Calgary. You can count on our team of arborists to make your property look its best. We also offer tree removal, landscaping and lawn maintenance services.

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Softscaping vs hardscaping

The terms softscape and hardscape describe two distinct types of landscape design. In fact, most landscaping ideas incorporate both hardscape and softscape elements.

For example, the term hardscape refers to the non-living elements in landscaping, such as paving stones, wood fencing, retaining walls and walkways. Conversely, the term softscape refers to the living elements in landscaping like shrubs, flowers, grass, trees and soil.  Consequently, softscaping requires a vast knowledge of soil types, climates, irrigation needs and plant management.

Softscaping services

There are several ways in which ArborCare® can softscape your property. For example, if you recently planted a tree, our team can design a softscape area around the sapling to add visual appeal.

Alternatively, if our team is hired to remove a diseased or dead tree from your property, we can design and construct a softscaped area to cover the stump or hole. We offer a variety of softscape elements, including mulch, groundcover and shrubs. We’ll help you create an attractive area that’ll add colour and beauty to your property.

Moreover, we can provide sod installation to create a lush green lawn where your giant spruce tree or old tool shed used to be.

Softscaping maintenance

Unlike hardscaping, softscaping requires regular care and maintenance. Softscape management techniques include:

If you don’t have time to maintain your property over the summer months, we offer comprehensive lawn maintenance services that include aeration, fertilization, pruning and trimming.

Beautify your property with ArborCare

If you need lawn maintenance, sod installation or softscaping services, ArborCare® in Calgary can help. Our arborists have extensive experience with different soil types, climates and plant species. We’re committed to making the outside of your home or business as attractive as it can be by creating stunning natural displays. If you want to learn more about our landscaping services, contact us in Calgary. We also offer free quotes.

We Care for Your Trees

At ArborCare®, we have the expertise to take care of all your tree removal needs in

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