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Tree Fertilizer

Tree Fertilizer Calgary
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Spring is an important time for all trees. The water carrying the nutrients is redirected from the roots upward to the branches and emerging leaves. In this case, applications are made by injecting the water-diluted fertilizer into the root zone around the drip line. The fertilizer is applied on the surface in bedding areas or hedgerows rather than injecting it into the soil to protect any existing irrigation lines or landscape fabric.

As summer turns to autumn and autumn progresses, the water within the tree travels downward where it is used to aid in the growth and development of the roots. Our fall fertilizers can be used to supply specific nutrients and minerals to help roots grow. This is vital for newly planted trees and shrubs that may have been harmed from insect infestation or other stresses throughout the summer.

Price is based on one application. Two applications are recommended.
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