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Landscape Maintenance

Seasonal Services in Edmonton, Calgary and Kelowna

Changing seasons present different challenges for businesses across Canada. No matter the month, having a messy lawn or a snow-filled parking lot is not attractive and can turn off potential clients. As an arboriculture leader in the country, ArborCare® is your reliable source for seasonal services in Edmonton, Calgary and Kelowna.

Whether it is the overgrown grass around your apartment building or the excessive amount of snow in your commercial parking lot after a heavy storm, ArborCare has the proper experience and equipment for lawn care in the summer and snow removal in the winter. Don’t wait for the season to start, call us today to plan ahead of time!

Snow Removal

Most business owners and property managers have much bigger concerns than to remove the snow on their property themselves. Yet, if left on the ground that snow could represent a safety hazard along with a potential loss of profit. Hiring a company like ArborCare to remove the snow on your property would be beneficial in many ways. We are equipped with sweepers, sanders, plows, Bobcats and dump trucks that are well maintained throughout the year and will efficiently remove the snow from your parking lots, private walkways and roadways, loading bays and much more. Safety is just as important to us as customer satisfaction and we carefully assess hazards before starting any job. Be proactive and let us take care of your snow removal needs this winter – call to find out more!

Summer Maintenance

For any property manager or homeowner, it is vitally important to have an aesthetically appealing lawn. If the greenery around your office or apartment building looks disorderly with weeds growing out of the lawn, you may miss the opportunity to give a good first impression – and we all know how crucial that is in both social and professional realms. There is also the matter of pests and insects in your yard that you want to avoid at all cost because their presence leads to further maintenance and expenses in the future. That’s where we come in to assist you with our summer maintenance services. As the warmest season of the year, summer naturally brings more visitors and customers to your doorstep; therefore, it is important to keep your lawn in impeccable condition. ArborCare will mow your lawn, trim its edges and keep it healthy for you while you address more pertinent matters. Check out our mowing and lawn care services offered every summer!

We Care for Your Trees

Our team provides professional tree care services and plant management programs to keep your landscape looking beautiful

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