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Mulch Sales

Commercial mulch supply in Calgary

Mulch is a material used to cover tree wells and flowerbeds to help retain moisture. Come to ArborCare® when you need natural, non-dyed, well-rotted wood chip mulch. Since 1983, we have been a trusted source for mulch in Calgary. Mulch can also be used as a ground cover in landscaping and is also great for shelterbelts, acreages, and gardens. Choose our products when you want to protect your trees and shrubs in a natural, chemical-free way. Our ArborMulch products are a mixture of poplar, spruce, ash, and any other trees we work on. Call us today to learn more.

ArborCare provides adequate care for your plants and trees through mulching to ensure that your greens remain sprawling even through the harsh winter months. Mulching is a safe, organic and cost-effective way to protect your grass, shrubs, or trees’ moisture cover. It is also an effective way to prevent the roots of the trees from freezing.

The moisture content within the soil is crucial for the health and overall wellness of the plant. During extreme temperatures, this water may freeze, causing the plant to die. With adequate mulching, you can ensure that your plants remain healthy even.

Processes vs Unprocessed Mulch

Processed mulch chips are put through a chipper and then through a tub grinder to obtain more uniform chip pieces. Whereas unprocessed mulch chips are put only through a chipper and the pieces could be quite large, and there may be small branches and sticks. Mulching is essential to ensure that your plants can sustain the wear and tear caused by the elements. It also helps the plants retain the soil’s necessary moisture, giving rise to a healthy plant, alongside protecting and safeguarding your greens from weed growth, insects, and pests.

When Is It Appropriate to Mulch in Calgary?

Typically, it is best to lay down mulch in your garden between mid to late spring. Spring is an excellent time for the germinated seedlings to work their way up through the modest layer of mulch. While mulching, one must take care not to create a deep layer as the seed may not penetrate a layer too deep. It is essential to get your plants off to a good start. Additional mulch can be added after the plants have sprung out from the seed. Call us for more information about our mulching services.

What to Put Beneath the Mulch?

A range of materials can be placed underneath your mulches, from stone and wood chips to landscape fabric. The primary purpose of establishing a base material beneath the mulch is to prevent the stones or fragments from mixing in with the soil. However, there is no strict need to place a barrier material such as landscape fabric under your mulch. These materials do not act as weed barriers.

How Long will My Mulch Last?

Although your mulch may last around 4-7 years, aesthetically, it may have a shorter life span. It may start looking like a muddy patch of the wilderness after some time, and you might have to replace it sooner. However, a well-done mulch will last you 4-7 years, even with minimal care and maintenance. The aesthetic life span of your mulch is only about 1-2 years.

How Often Do I Have to Replace My Mulch?

It is essential to renew the layer of mulch periodically. Ideally, it should be kept about 50 to 100mm from the soil surface. Occasionally, adding 25mm of new mulch to the existing layer helps keep your mulch working effectively. Call us to get a no-obligation quote for your garden.

Why Choose Us

Over the years, we have provided complete mulching services to clients across Calgary. Our expert workmen are experienced in laying a stable mulch to help your garden flourish even at extreme temperatures. We provide you with mulching services that are time-saving and cost-effective. Whether you need mulching for your flower beds or vegetable gardens, we can provide you with a service that helps you cut down on your irrigation requirements, fight pests and reap a better yield of fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Free Pick-up Available for Wood Products

Apart from mulch sales, we also sell firewood, tree/stump cookies, and more. At our company, you can find a variety of wood products that are available for free pick-up for organizations located in our service area. We’ve had many after-school programs where they can pick up sticks from our yard for their after-school arts and crafts programs.

We Care for Your Trees

At ArborCare®, we have the expertise to take care of all your tree removal needs in

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