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Storm & Disaster Services

Reliable Storm and Disaster Services in Edmonton, Calgary and Kelowna

Few things are as disheartening as coming out after a storm or other severe weather event to find your yard devastated and one or more trees uprooted or severely damaged. Restoring your property to its former glory will require hard work, know-how and the right equipment.

Fortunately, ArborCare® provides reliable storm and disaster services in Calgary, Edmonton, and Kelowna. We have the skills and equipment to handle clean-ups of all sizes and work with both residential and commercial clients in the area. We offer professional, quick and cost-effective service.


Causes of weather damage

Severe weather events are often destructive enough to damage trees, but it’s also very common for them to sustain heavy damage because of pre-existing conditions. Top-heavy trees with large crowns, for instance, are more likely to sustain damage due to high wind than trees that have been properly maintained and pruned.

Additionally, trees weakened by pests or disease are much more likely to crack or split when faced with severe weather. To mitigate or prevent this, make sure to be on the lookout for signs of infestation or disease and to get your trees regularly inspected.


Helping trees survive major storms

You can prevent your trees from being uprooted and help them survive severe storms by taking the proper steps. This may include pruning, crown thinning, bracing or cabling. Healthy, well-maintained and properly strengthened trees are less vulnerable to storm damage. While this doesn’t guarantee that severe weather won’t harm them, it’ll definitely make them more resilient.


Damage assessment

Before starting to clean up broken branches or care for damaged trees, it’s important to assess how severe the situation is. This is because storm-damaged trees can be unstable and cause an accident or injury to occur. It’s also useful to determine which trees are likely to fully recuperate if given the right care.

Usually, trees can recover from broken limbs and minor cracks. Even a tree that’s been split in two by lightning or powerful winds can sometimes be saved with techniques like bracing. This allows the tree to heal and also makes it more resistant to future damage.

ArborCare’s experienced staff can assess the condition of your trees and advise you on whether or not they can be saved.


Storm and disaster clean-up

Once the damage is assessed, the ArborCare team can proceed with cleaning up your property. We’ll remove any fallen branches and clear away other debris. In addition, we might need to cut off damaged tree limbs, particularly those that present a serious hazard should they be left alone.


Removing damaged and dangerous trees

Sometimes, a tree that survives a storm or disaster in Edmonton will nonetheless be structurally unsound afterward. This can happen if the tree is considerably weakened. Other times, a tree simply can’t be saved. In such cases, tree removal is the best choice.


Storm and disaster services in Edmonton, Calgary and Kelowna

In Edmonton, when disaster strikes, know that you can rely on the knowledge, skill and professionalism of the staff at ArborCare. From damage assessment to clean-up and tree removal, we can help you make sure that  your property is safe and well-groomed following even the most severe storm. Find out more about how we can help. Contact us today for disaster services in Edmonton, Calgary and Kelowna!

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