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Stump Grinding

Reliable tree removal services & stump grinding in Calgary

It’s often a good idea to remove trees that are sick, damaged or otherwise hazardous. However, disposing of the stump is just as important. Fortunately, ArborCare® provides stump grinding services in Calgary.

What is stump grinding?

As the term suggests, stump grinding involves using a grinder to cut down tree stumps to below ground level. This can sometimes involve excavating the stump so that the grinder can remove enough of it. The stump can be ground down to as much as twelve inches below soil level. Our skilled arborists can also grind down any large roots surrounding the stump.

What happens after grinding a stump?

All that remains after stump grinding is the tree’s roots and some amount of sawdust. The roots will decompose over time and mix with the soil, as will the sawdust. If you want to, you can use the chipped wood as mulch. Our team can apply it to the trees and shrubs on your property once they’re done grinding the stump.

The pros of stump grinding

Stump grinding has many advantages over other methods of stump removal. Some of the most important ones include:

  • It’s affordable. Stump grinding will almost always be more affordable than stump removal. Exceptions include cases where the stump is extremely large or is located in an awkward place.
  • It’s safe. While using a stump grinder requires training, the process is still much less hazardous than a complete excavation of the stump and its roots.
  • It’s quick. Grinding a stump down can take as little as 15 minutes. In extreme cases, it’s a matter of a couple of hours.
  • It’s easy. While operating the grinder safely requires training and expertise, the process is much simpler and has fewer steps than removing the stump entirely.
  • It won’t destroy your yard. Pulling out the stump and its roots will leave a huge hole in your yard that will eventually need to be filled.

The cons of stump grinding

In some cases, stump grinding may not be the best option. While rare, such instances do come up. They include times when there’s:

  • Replanting planned. Stump grinding doesn’t really allow for replanting. If you plan on replacing the tree, you might be better off removing the stump entirely.
  • Fungal Infections. If the tree was infected with honey fungus, for instance, then removing the stump completely may be a viable option.
  • Root issues. If continued root growth is unacceptable, removing the stump entirely is sometimes a better decision.

Can You Grind a Stump Yourself?

When it comes to grinding your stump, you may be tempted to do it yourself. You may also find several self-help videos on the web. However, we strictly advise you against a DIY job. When it comes to tree removal and stump grinding, it is advisable to hire a professional. With ArborCare®, you are assured of professional services. We have the required tools and equipment to carry out the job safely and effectively. When you avail of our services, we ensure that the job is performed completely to your satisfaction.

We take all due care and caution while performing the procedure. At ArborCare®, we take an extremely professional approach to the removal and excavation of the stump. Stump grinding is an intricate process that requires precision and accuracy. We employ efficient tools and grinders to mechanically grind out the stump.

Stump grinding experts in Calgary and Edmonton

If you need to get a tree stump removed from your property, trust the experts at ArborCare. Our arborists can evaluate your needs and explain which options are available to you. Call us today to make an appointment or get a free estimate.

Stump Removal

If you had to remove a tree recently, you might be unsure of what to do with the remaining stump. While it may be tempting to leave it in place or to try and remove it yourself, it’s best rely on the tree care experts at ArborCare. Our arborists have the skills, knowledge and equipment required to safely and efficiently remove tree stumps from your yard.

Why you may need to remove a tree stump

Sometimes people worry that the cost of stump removal outweighs the advantages. However, tree stumps can cause serious problems if left behind:

  • Growth problems. The roots of a tree stump may continue growing even after the tree is cut. This could cause damage to water pipes. The stump might also encourage the growth of small trees around it.
  • Safety concerns. It’s common for children to trip on tree stumps and fall while playing in the yard. Moreover, stumps can damage lawnmowers and other landscaping equipment.
  • Diseases and pests. If the tree was cut down because it became unhealthy due to disease remember that the problem is still present in the stump. In addition, many insects like to nest in tree stumps.
  • Lack of curb appeal. Left alone, tree stumps will eventually start to rot or become covered in moss or fungus. This can negatively impact your home’s curb appeal.
  • Construction complications. If you don’t remove stumps from your yard, you may have to deal with them at a later date. For instance, when building a shed, installing a pool or putting fences.

How we can help with removing stumps

Attempting to remove a stump by yourself can be dangerous. Unless you have the proper equipment and are trained to use it, leave stump removal to the pros. And, whatever you do, never try to blast or burn a stump away. You run the risk of damaging your yard or injuring yourself or someone else.

When it comes to stump removal, it’s always best to hire an expert. At ArborCare®, we provide professional stump removal services to customers in Edmonton and Calgary, including stump grinding and complete removal of the stump and its root system.

Tree stump removal services in Calgary and Edmonton

Removing an unsightly and potentially dangerous stump from your property is always the right call. If you’re unsure which removal method would be best, get our expert arborists to take a look. They’ll explain your options, make a recommendation and execute the work professionally, safely and efficiently.

Is It Better to Grind a Stump or Remove It?

The principal difference between the two techniques is that whereas in stump grinding, the stump of the tree is mechanically ground to the desired height, stump removal refers to the complete extraction of the stump along with the root. Read on to know more about the advantages of stump grinding over stump removal.

Process: Stump removal requires pulling the stump from the ground. Naturally, it requires the use of heavy force. The entire process requires the use of high-power machines. It can also leave the ground in a messy state after the extraction process. A stump grinding procedure is far easier to execute.

Root: Whereas stump removal completely removes the root from the ground, stump grinding only shortens the existing stump to a desirable height and leaves the root to decay. A ground stump is neater than the large hole created in the ground as a result of stump removal.

Both stump removal and stump grinding have got their pros and cons. Moreover, each situation is different and that every requirement varies depending on that situation. But so to speak, it is usually advised to get the stump removed, for it can impact multiple things (as stated above). But still, if you are not able to make a choice between stump removal and stump grinding, call our experts today and they will surely resolve all your stump-related queries.

To learn more about our stump removal and stump grinding in Calgary, contact us today.

Reliable Stump Grinding Services in Calgary

Contact Arbor Care for all your tree planting, tree removal and stump grinding needs across Calgary.

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