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Stump Grinding

Expert Stump Grinding Services

It’s often a good idea to remove trees that are sick, damaged or otherwise hazardous. However, disposing of the stump is just as important. Fortunately, ArborCare provides stump grinding services in Calgary, Edmonton and Kelowna.


What is stump grinding?

As the term suggests, stump grinding involves using a grinder to cut down tree stumps to below ground level. This can sometimes involve excavating the stump so that the grinder can remove enough of it. The stump can be ground down to as much as twelve inches below soil level. Our skilled arborists can also grind down any large roots surrounding the stump.


What happens after grinding a stump?

All that remains after stump grinding are the tree’s roots and some amount of sawdust. The roots will decompose over time and mix with the soil, as will the sawdust. If you want to, you can use the chipped wood as mulch. Our team can apply it to the trees and shrubs on your property once they’re done grinding the stump.


The pros of stump grinding

Stump grinding has many advantages over other methods of stump removal. Some of the most important ones include:

  • It’s affordable. Stump grinding will almost always be more affordable than stump removal. Exceptions include cases where the stump is extremely large or is located in a place where using a stump grinder is awkward or difficult. Stump grinding also becomes pricier when there are multiple stumps to deal with at one time.
  • It’s safe. While using a stump grinder requires training, the process is still much less hazardous than a complete excavation of the stump and its roots. It’s also much safer than using do-it-yourself chemical products, which leave behind residues that can be hazardous to children and pets.
  • It’s quick. Grinding a stump down can take as little as 15 minutes. In extreme cases, it’s a matter of a couple of hours.
  • It’s easy. While operating the grinder safely requires training and expertise, the process is much simpler and has fewer steps than removing the stump entirely.
  • It won’t destroy your yard. Pulling out the stump and its roots will leave a huge hole in your yard that will eventually need to be filled. Chemical removal options are also likely to affect more than the stump. In contrast, grinding leaves your yard level and free of harmful chemical residue.


The cons of stump grinding

In some cases, stump grinding may not be the best option. While rare, such instances do come up. They include times when there’s:

  • A replanting planned. Stump grinding doesn’t really allow for replanting. If you plan on replacing the tree, you might be better off removing the stump entirely.
  • If the tree was infected with, honey fungus for instance, then removing the stump entirely may be a better option. At the very least, all the sawdust produced when grinding the stump should be removed.
  • Root issues. If continued root growth is unacceptable, removing the stump entirely is sometimes a better option.


Stump grinding experts in Calgary, Edmonton and Kelowna

If you need to get a tree stump removed from your property, trust the experts at ArborCare. Our arborists can evaluate your needs and explain which options are available to you. Contact us today to make an appointment or get a free estimate.

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