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Code of Ethics

Count on Us for Trustworthy Service

At ArborCare® , we hold ourselves to a code of ethics that ensures our customers are treated well and fairly. We serve clients throughout Western Canada. We invite you to read the code of ethics below. When you’re ready to get started with our services, give us a call.


Code of Ethics for Arborists

Under this code, the arborist:

  • Will utilize personal knowledge and skills for the greatest good to society.
  • Will advance arboriculture by exchanging knowledge with other arborists and supporting arboricultural associations, publications, schools of instruction and plant research agencies.
  • Will be truthful in oral or written statements concerning the services qualified to offer and the plant benefits that may be expected therefrom, and will not advertise as certified or licensed or as insured unless the extent of coverage is clearly stated.
  • Will discourage the promotion and use of techniques, methods, and materials that have not been adequately tested and approved for arboricultural use by reputable plant scientists. Should an unproven material still appear to be best, the client will be completely advised.
  • Will base all expert testimony on adequate knowledge of the subject and substantiated facts and render an opinion according to honest convictions.
  • Will refrain from expressing, either orally or in writing, an opinion on a technical subject unless informed concerning the matter, and will not distort or withhold relevant data to substantiate a point of view.
  • Will be loyal to clients or to the employing organization and will faithfully perform work assignments.
  • Will, if a technical judgment in arboricultural matters is overruled by a non-technical authority, present clearly the consequences that may be expected to occur as a result of deviating from the procedure and policies which are believed to be correct.
  • Will not, if employed as an arborist in public capacity, compete unfairly with arborists in private business or recommend one arborist in private business above others in the community where all are equally qualified and available.
  • Will avoid making unfounded statements which, in any way, might injure the professional reputation of another arborist.
  • Will not reduce a quoted fee for a specific job if informed of a lesser by another arborist for the same job.
  • Will refrain, if engaged in the private practice of arboriculture, from reviewing the work of another private arborist for the latter’s employer, but will refer the review to a qualified person engaged in private arboriculture.
  • Will not offer employment to an employee of another arborist without the latter’s knowledge, but will instead endeavor to train men where possible.
  • Will uphold the principle of appropriate and adequate compensation for those engaged in arboricultural work, as essential to the maintenance of high standards of arboricultural endeavor.
  • Will conduct all matters relating to technical arboricultural activities, business operations, and civic responsibilities in a manner that will further the status of arboriculture as a respected profession.


More information on the ISA Code of Ethics can be found on the International Society of Arboriculture Website.

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