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Natural Pest Control: Blood Meal to Safeguard Your Garden in Fall

pest controll in fall

Upward of 40% of crops around the world are lost to pests each year. Fertilizers like blood meal provide nutrients and deter pests.

It’s an excellent fertilizer to use when you’re trying to make sure that your plants flourish throughout the fall and beyond. So, what should you know about blood meal?

Keep reading to learn more about this fertilizer and how it’s a must-have pest control for the fall.


What Is Blood Meal?

Blood meal refers to a type of fertilizer that comes from the dried blood of animals. This organic fertilizer is packaged, sold, and used for a variety of agricultural purposes.

It is a popular natural fertilizer and soil amendment used in agriculture and gardening for its utility and effectiveness.

Pest control is a significant part of residential tree care and can keep yours flourishing throughout the seasons. Using blood meal for your trees helps the way that you take care of your plants in the fall. It also sets the tone for wintertime.

Ensuring that your trees and plants are strong as they enter the winter season, blood meal proves to be helpful in maintaining their strength and deterring pests.


How Blood Meal Works

The dried blood contains high levels of nitrogen, which are beneficial to your plants in the fall months.

Chlorophyll largely consists of nitrogen. It’s also a major component in the creation of plant proteins. Nitrogen is the most significant element in many fertilizer products and is essential for any type of plant life to grow and flourish.

You can also use blood meal as an effective pest control method. Animals like rabbits, deer, moles, and other pests will be deterred when they smell the blood of other animals.


Why Apply Blood Meal in Fall?

As the seasons start to become a little colder, pests will start to migrate to other areas to survive the frigid weather. At the same time, food scarcity and the manmade harvesting of crops drive pests into other areas of natural land. Pest control in fall is essential.

Fertilizing in the fall helps promote the growth of plants. Blood meal contains nitrogen, and it can aid this further by boosting healthy root growth, helping them prepare for the harsh winters. This can be especially important in places like Calgary over the colder months.


How to Apply Blood Meal

For your blood meal to be an effective pest control, you need to make sure that you apply it correctly. This starts by purchasing the highest-quality organic blood meal that you can find.

Shop for the best blood meal you can find, and consider the nitrogen content. The bags are often sold in amounts of 5 pounds and greater. It’s used by both residential customers and large-scale agricultural professionals.

All you need to do is sprinkle blood meal around the base of your trees and other plants and on the leaves. Reapply as needed, and you can count on your trees to stay pest-free as the fall months roll along.


Blood Meal Is an Ideal Pest Control

If you’re interested in pest control, blood meal is an excellent safeguard for your garden while nourishing your plants and trees. Arbor Care offers a wide range of tree services in Calgary and Edmonton. We provide excellent tree management services for each tree and plant. Ask us about any fertilizers and, keep your trees and plants strong in the fall,  and prepare for the upcoming winter months.

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