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father and son planting tree

What Is Calgary’s Plant Hardiness Zone?

Are you considering adding to the greenery on your property? If so, you’ll need to consider which plants and trees are most likely to thrive in your growing conditions. In Calgary, these factors vary from one neighbourhood to another, so choosing the best plants can be overwhelming.

cytospora canker disease on tree

Cytospora Canker Treatment Guide

Cytospora canker is a tree disease characterized by yellow, orange or black discolouration on the bark. The gummy ooze and cankers that develop can overtake your trees, making them unsightly and ultimately killing them. Once it appears, this persistent condition can be a handful to manage.

Guide For Black Knot Disease Treatment

Anyone who has fruit trees in Alberta knows they can be prone to disease unless carefully monitored and treated. One disease common to our area is black knot fungus. Take time to learn the facts about this tree disease so you can keep your tree healthy and thriving.

trees affected by bronze leaf disease

Guide for Bronze Leaf Disease Treatment

Bronze leaf disease (BLD) is a fungus that infects various poplar species and hybrids; specifically trembling aspen, Swedish columnar aspen and tower poplar. BLD is relatively new to Calgary, Edmonton and Western Canada, and can kill an infected tree within three to five years of initial infection.

woman pruning lilac tree

When Is the Best Time to Prune Lilacs?

The signature floral smell of lilac is a sure sign that spring has sprung! If you have a fragrant lilac bush in your yard, you may wonder if and when you need to trim it. The best time to grab your clippers and get to work is in early summer after the flowers have bloomed…

juniper hawthorn rust disease

Juniper-Hawthorn Rust: How to Control and Treat It

Plant diseases show their faces in a variety of ways, some stranger than others. Have you noticed orange, jelly-like balls growing on your juniper branches?  Consider the disease, juniper-hawthorn rust, also known as cedar-apple rust.

South Health Campus Hospital Tree Planting Project

By Nicole Mychasiuk, Arborist – Outside Sales In the spring of 2021, ArborCare® received an estimate request from the South Health Campus Landscape Manager regarding issues with some of the trees on their property. When walking the grounds of the campus, it became evident that the same species of trees were planted throughout the entire…

Tree Planting Guide

Newly planted trees and shrubs go into a state of shock after planting. Every tree/shrub reacts differently, some take to their new environment with ease and some struggle. Early indications of transplant shock surface in several ways including wilting or falling leaves, premature fall colour, dying branches and, in serious cases, death. Transplant shock can…

ArborCare arborists at commercial tree planting project

The Importance of Regular Tree Care and Maintenance for Commercial Properties

A well-maintained commercial landscape can benefit your business. It shows the public your company attends to the details and cares for the environment. You may have a gardener to keep things tidy, but a professional arborist can help you beautify your property.

tree burl in Calgary

What Are Tree Burls?

Does one of the trees in your backyard have a large, knobbly lump? Don’t worry! It’s probably just a burl. Here’s what you need to know about this harmless growth.

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