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4 Signs You Need to Fertilize Your Trees

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Urban environments can be especially difficult for trees. Heavy, compacted soil and nutrient deficiencies can stunt their growth, preventing them from growing into beautiful, majestic assets to your property. That’s why deep-root tree fertilization is an essential part of keeping your trees healthy and strong. Here are four signs it’s time to fertilize your trees.

Why Trees in Calgary Require Fertilizer

Calgary’s soil is alkaline and has a high pH. Alkaline soil limits the availability of certain nutrients and prevents trees from absorbing what they need for growth and development. Calgary’s soil is also iron deficient and consists of hard clay. A lack of iron can lead to chlorosis, a condition that causes leaf yellowing due to insufficient chlorophyll production. Furthermore, clay soils don’t drain well, leading to compaction and reduced oxygen for tree roots.

Telltale Signs Your Trees Need Fertilizer

Here are four signs you should book tree fertilization with a professional arborist:

  1. Stunted growth. If your trees are growing extremely slowly or appear stunted, it could be an indication of nutrient deficiencies. Insufficient nutrients can impede the tree’s ability to develop healthy foliage, branches and roots.
  1. Discoloured leaves. Yellowing or pale leaves, particularly between the veins, can be a sign of iron deficiency or chlorosis. This discolouration is often more pronounced in new growth. When you fertilize your trees, you address these deficiencies and restore vibrant green foliage.
  1. Fewer flowers and fruit. If your trees are producing fewer flowers or fruits than usual, it may be a sign that they lack the necessary nutrients to support these reproductive processes. Proper fertilization can enhance flowering and increase fruit yield.
  1. Weak branches. Trees that have weak or brittle branches are more prone to breakage and damage. Fertilizer provides essential nutrients that strengthen the tree’s structure and increase its resilience to extreme weather events.

When to Fertilize Your Trees

Experts recommend fertilizing your trees in early spring or fall. In spring, trees are in their active growth phase and can efficiently absorb nutrients. In the fall, the water in your trees travels downwards to promote root growth, making it a good time to fertilize. Consult a professional arborist or tree care service to determine the best fertilizer requirements and timing based on the tree species, age and soil conditions.

Deep-Root Tree Fertilization in Calgary

At ArborCare®, we apply an acidic fertilizer with micronutrients and humic acid to promote tree and shrub leaf growth. We use a sub-surface, high-pressure liquid injection process to deliver the fertilizer directly to the roots. Our arborists know local soil conditions and will mix the product for maximum nourishment. Contact us today to book your tree fertilization service.

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