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Can I Prune My Neighbour’s Tree Overhanging My Property Line in Calgary?

professional arborist pruning neighbour's tree

If a neighbour’s tree is overhanging your property line or fence, it can block your sidewalk or damage your roof. However, before calling a tree pruning company in Calgary, you should take steps to be a good neighbour. Here’s what to do when a tree is overhanging your property line.

Understanding Calgary Bylaws

Calgary bylaws state that trees on private property must not interfere with public areas such as sidewalks, streets and alleyways. However, there are no specific bylaws regarding trees crossing personal property lines. The City of Calgary website states, “This is considered an issue between the two private property owners.”

What to Do If Trees or Branches Cross Your Property Line

When faced with a neighbour’s tree or branches encroaching on your property, approach the situation thoughtfully and responsibly. Here are a few tips:

  • Communicate well. Engage in open and respectful dialogue with your neighbour. Inform them of the issue and your intention to prune the overhanging branches up to the property line.
  • Gain consent. While you don’t require permission to prune branches on your side of the property line, it’s best to request a consent form from your neighbour. This document clarifies your intentions and can allow a professional tree pruning company to access the neighbour’s property if needed.

However, if you’re having difficulty obtaining consent, a professional arborist can still perform tree trimming up to the property line.

  • Contact an arborist. Arborists possess the expertise and knowledge to assess the tree’s health and provide objective pruning solutions. They can act as mediators, helping to facilitate communication and finding the best course of action for everyone.
  • Comply with bylaws. It’s essential that any tree pruning adheres to Calgary city bylaws. Professional arborists are well-versed in these regulations and perform their services in compliance with the bylaws.

Why Contacting an Arborist Is the Ideal Solution

When dealing with overhanging trees, hiring a reputable arborist offers the following benefits:

  • Expert assessment. An arborist can conduct a professional tree assessment to evaluate the tree’s health, identify potential risks and recommend appropriate pruning techniques to ensure the tree remains healthy and structurally sound.
  • Mediation and collaboration. Arborists can act as mediators between neighbours. Their objective perspective and experience can help resolve conflicts and reach agreements that prioritize the tree’s well-being.
  • Safe and effective pruning. Arborists employ specialized equipment and techniques to prune overhanging branches safely and efficiently. Using an arborist minimizes the risk of damage to your property and your neighbour’s.

Tree Pruning and Trimming Services in Calgary

At ArborCare®, we provide professional tree pruning services to homeowners in Calgary. Our experienced arborists know the best way forward when dealing with trees on private property. Contact us today to schedule a visit with a certified tree professional.

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