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How to Select the Best Snow Removal Company

a snow removal truck is plowing snow.

Winter weather has arrived in Calgary! If you have not hired a snow removal company yet, the time to act is now. Studies show that a severe snowstorm can cost the local economy millions of dollars.

Snow removal services play a critical role in the economy. Without it, homeowners cannot leave their driveways, and businesses cannot open their doors to customers.

Learn how to select the best residential and commercial snow removal company.

Experience and Expertise

When looking for the best snow removal company, years of experience should be top of mind. Experienced companies are trained to operate heavy-duty snow removal equipment and their workers are less likely to make costly mistakes and damage property.

Be sure to look for a company with strong reviews to reinforce their claims on experience.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time carries a lot of weight when searching for the best company. The city of Calgary requires that businesses remove snow within 24 hours. Experienced snow removal companies can meet this tight schedule. They have the equipment and experience to finish jobs quickly and move to the next one.

Snow Removal Equipment

With revenue or wages on the line, a residential snow blower and shovel will not cut it at large commercial properties.

Instead, look for a company with multiple snowplows and blowers. They can use snowplows to clear parking lots, entryways, and driveways. Snowblowers can be used to clear sidewalks leading up to cars, storefronts, and porches.

Emergency Services

Severe snowfall presents a serious risk to vulnerable citizens. The best snow removal companies can respond to an emergency quickly and have the resources and equipment needed to prioritize and resolve it.

Liability Insurance

Significant snowfall poses a serious threat to property and customers’ safety. You want to hire a snow removal company with the proper liability insurance. Even the best companies can damage property that is completely covered by the snow.

A lot can go wrong, and liability insurance is a must. With liability insurance, homeowners and businesses have financial protection in the case of a rare error.

Great Customer Service

The best snow removal companies have a reputation for great customer service. They promptly respond to service calls. The company can meet the customer’s needs. You can verify a company’s customer service reputation by reading reviews online.

Your Guide to Residential and Commercial Snow Removal

Now you’re ready to find the best snow removal companies. The qualified snow removal company has the necessary experience, equipment, and insurance to get the job done.

ArborCare has established a reputation for excellence, prioritizing quality, safety, and efficiency in snow removal services. If you are looking for a residential or commercial snow removal company in Western Canada, call ArborCare to speak with a professional today.

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