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Mulch Your Trees this Winter

Are you wanting to keep your trees healthy throughout the cold winter months? Mulching is an easy, beneficial way to keep trees safe while allowing them to grow. Keep reading to learn about the importance of timing, how mulch can protect your trees, and some important tips for mulch application.

Keep Timing in Mind

If you plan to mulch your trees this winter, make sure you do it at the right time. The best time to apply your mulch is after the first frost. By the first frost, trees have developed cold hardiness, and the ground has frozen. If you apply you mulch too soon it could affect the growth of your tree.

Mulching is Protecting

Mulch acts as a blanket for your trees. It helps conserve soil moisture and moderates the soil temperatures. Most importantly, mulch maintains a healthy environment for a tree’s root system.    

Tips for Applying Mulch

Apply organic mulch. By applying organic mulch, you help condition the soil and create an inviting environment for natural aeration. Organic mulch can be anything from disease-free leaves to tree bark to fresh wood chips. At ArborCare, we offer natural, non-dyed, well-rotted wood chip mulch. Our ArborMulch products are made from a mixture of poplar, spruce, ash, and any other trees we work on. Call us today to learn more.

Apply mulch evenly. When mulch is applied correctly, your trees will reap the benefits. Do not “volcano” your mulch. When mulch is piled around the base of your tree (resembling a volcano), your tree could get infected, contract disease, or even die. Your mulch layer should be between two to four inches deep, depending on the species.

Refresh old mulch. Already have mulch around your trees? Be sure to replace, rake or add in organic mulch. It is essential to renew the layer of mulch periodically. Ideally, it should be kept about 50 to 100mm from the soil surface. Occasionally, adding 25mm of new mulch to the existing layer helps keep your mulch working effectively. Call us to get a no-obligation quote.

Choose ArborCare to Help

Over the years, we have provided complete mulching services to clients across Western Canada. Our experts are experienced in laying a stable mulch to help your garden flourish even at extreme temperatures. Our mulching services are time-saving and cost-effective. 

Also, ask us about the best way to prepare your trees from winter, keeping your trees strong, and our snow removal options.

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