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Falling trees: what property owners need to know

If a tree falls in your yard, it can cause damage to your house, car or neighbour’s property. Even worse, a falling tree can injure someone if they happen to be in the area when it topples. Here’s what you should know about hazardous trees and how to reduce the risk of one falling on your property.

falling tree

What can cause a tree to fall?

There are many reasons why a tree might fall. In addition to old age, disease and severe infestation, the weather can play a major role. A tree can topple due to strong winds, flooding or ice and snow accumulation. Furthermore, a tree might fall if the root system is shallow or has been weakened either by poor soil conditions or construction work that was done in the area.

What are the signs a tree might fall?

It’s impossible to predict when a tree is going to fall. However, there are several warning signs that indicate a tree is unhealthy and might be at risk of falling. These include:

  • Numerous dead and/or falling branches
  • Deep cracks or a cavity in the trunk
  • Large patches of missing bark
  • Fungi growing around the base of the trunk
  • Two large limbs that form a V-shape

If you’re uncertain about the condition of one or more trees on your property, schedule an assessment with a professional arborist.

What types of trees are most likely to fall?

Certain kinds of trees are more at risk of falling than others. The strength of the tree’s wood, the depth of its roots and the shape of its crown are factors that can influence how likely it is to fall. Additionally, tall trees with high canopies are more at risk of catching the wind and being uprooted.

It should also be noted that while diseased or damaged trees are more vulnerable, even healthy trees are at risk of falling in severe weather conditions such as tornadoes and ice storms.

How can you prevent a tree from falling?

The best way to prevent a tree from falling is to have it removed by experienced arborists if it poses a safety hazard. And while you can’t always predict whether a tree will topple in a storm, there are several steps you can take to keep your trees as healthy and strong as possible. This includes pruning them regularly, adding mulch and applying fertilizer.

Tree care services in Western Canada

If you have a tree on your property that requires attention, you can count on the experienced team at ArborCare to take care of it. In addition to offering professional tree removal and pruning, we also provide reliable storm and disaster service throughout the areas of Calgary, Edmonton and Kelowna. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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