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As any experienced arborist in Edmonton or Calgary will tell you, elm scale treatments aren’t something you want to skip. This pest can cause serious damage to your trees and to any wooden structure in the vicinity. Here’s what you need to know about this type of insect, how to spot it and what you can do to protect your trees.


The European elm scale

These insects attack elm trees all over Alberta. They feed on the tree and its sap, releasing large amounts of a sticky, sweet liquid known a honeydew. Over time, this substance causes black mould to grow on the tree, consequently leading to serious issues. Severe infestations can kill weaker trees, but even healthy trees are vulnerable as the insect can cause branch dieback.


Warning signs

The first sign of an infestation is usually spotting the mature insects crawling about on the tree. They’re about 10 millimetres in length and greyish-brown with a white ring encircling them. The presence of a large quantity of honeydew is also an indication you have a problem.

You may also notice that the tree is late to grow leaves in the spring and that, when they do come out, they’re stunted and yellow. A layer of black, sooty mould on the tree is another giveaway.


What you can do

The first thing to do is to stay on top of pruning and maintenance, because a healthy tree is much more likely to withstand an elm scale infestation with minimal damage. You should also take steps to protect the tree’s roots when landscaping or performing renovations. Avoid compacting the soil around the tree and make sure to apply mulch regularly to help protect the tree from root damage caused by harsh weather or competing weeds.

The only time it is legal to prune elms in Alberta is between October 1 and March 31


Elm scale treatment

Finally, if you notice signs of an elm scale infestation, calling an arborist for help is your best option. They’ll be able to apply an insecticide that’ll eliminate the infestation without harming the tree.

Expert tree services in Western Canada

ArborCare offers a full range of arboreal services, from tree pruning and shaping to tree removal and disaster service. We help residential and commercial clients all over Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna and the surrounding areas keep their trees healthy. Contact us today to schedule an elm scale treatment or find out more about how we can help you maintain your trees and lawn.

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