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Why you should prune weak and vulnerable tree branches: 4 sound reasons

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Pruning is an essential part of taking care of your trees and helps keep them healthy and strong. Properly pruned and shaped trees are also much more esthetically pleasing and will greatly improve your property’s curb appeal. Here are some other benefits of pruning weak and vulnerable tree branches.


  1. It makes your property safer

This is by far the most important reason to prune weak branches. A damaged, weakened or otherwise vulnerable branch or limb is a lot less resilient than a healthy one. This means it takes much less force to snap the limb, and even a mild storm could cause the branch to fall. Or it could simply weaken the tree and make it a hazard on your property. This could potentially result in property damage, an injury or a fatality.

If you’ve added a swing or a treehouse to one of your trees, it’s imperative that you have your trees assessed regularly for signs of weakened or damaged branches and limbs.


  1. It helps trees grow

Pruning away weakened branches can help encourage a tree to grow into the shape that’s most beneficial for its health and well-being. Removing wayward branches, thin growth, suckers (stems that grow up from the tree’s roots) and water sprouts (shoots that grow from the tree’s trunk or branches) is also beneficial. Additionally, some trees will produce more fruit or flowers if they’re pruned.


  1. It helps prevent disease

Damaged and broken branches provide pathways for parasites and other pathogens to enter the tree. Insects and fungi, in particular, will often take advantage of tree wounds to take up residence inside an otherwise healthy tree. This, in turn, will likely result in the tree becoming sick and weak. Controlled pruning can help prevent pest infestations and diseases.


  1. It helps treat disease

It’s common for diseases and pest infestations to begin in the limbs of a tree. Thus, identifying branches that have been weakened by an infection or infestation is important. Removing them quickly is a key way to treat the tree and guarantee its health and longevity.


Tree pruning in Western Canada

ArborCare provides outstanding tree services to residential and commercial clients all over Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna and the surrounding areas. Whether you need your trees assessed, pruned, planted or removed, we can help. Contact us today to schedule a pruning appointment or learn more about how we can keep your trees and lawn healthy year-round.

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