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7 Fun Facts About Mulch

7 fun facts about mulch

Mulch is an affordable, beneficial and multi-purpose landscaping material. Here are seven interesting facts about how it can make your lawn and garden the envy of the neighbourhood.


  1. It insulates

Mulch helps protect newly planted seedlings from shock when overnight temperatures plummet in early spring. In addition, during the winter, mulch helps insulate the soil to minimize frost damage to plants.


  1. It keeps soil cool

Mulch helps prevent soil from overheating during the summer. This helps keep it at a consistent temperature and minimizes stress on plants.


  1. It keeps soil moist

Mulch helps the soil retain moisture by shielding it from the sun’s drying rays. It also helps prevent the soil from cracking and becoming compacted.


  1. It limits weed growth

A layer of about five to 10 centimetres of mulch can help smother and suppress weeds by depriving them of the sunlight they need to germinate and grow. In addition, any weeds that do pop up will be easy to pull out since their roots are unlikely to grow very deep.


  1. It controls pests

Certain types of mulch, such as cedar, cypress and pinewood chips, contain oils that repel ticks, gnats and fleas. In addition, as the mulch decomposes, it changes the soil composition and encourages the growth of beneficial fungi and provides helpful insects, such as earthworms, with food and shelter.


  1. It prevents soil erosion

Mulching is an effective way to prevent soil erosion caused by wind, watering and heavy rainfall. It also prevents mud splash and runoff.


  1. It improves soil health

As mulch breaks down it provides the soil with nitrogen and other vital nutrients. In addition, this added organic matter helps promote root growth, increase water infiltration and improve the soil’s water-holding capacity.

At ArborCare, our in-house brand of ArborMulch products are a blend of a poplar, spruce, ash and other types of trees we work on. Our mulch offers you a natural and chemical-free way to protect your landscape.
Tree and plant care services in Calgary

ArborCare provides customers in Calgary area with natural, non-dyed, well-rotted wood chip mulch. We also offer mulching services to help you cut down on your irrigation requirements, fight pests and reap a better yield of flowers, fruits and vegetables. To learn more about our tree pruning, tree planting, tree removal, and lawn care services, be sure to contact us today.

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