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4 tips for safe pruning

tree pruning

Pruning is an essential part of proper tree maintenance. It promotes growth, keeps your trees healthy and reduces the risk of storm damage and disease. However, improper pruning can be harmful to your trees and increase their risk of infection. Here are four tips to help you safely prune them.


  1. Wait for the right time of year

While dead branches can be removed at any time, you should wait to prune your trees between mid-winter and early spring. Since both the trees and potential pests are dormant during this period, you’ll reduce the risk of transmitting disease. Plus, the upcoming growing season will facilitate wound closure and healing. In particular, avoid pruning trees in the fall as this can spark vulnerable new growth and prevent the tree from going dormant before winter.


  1. Use the right tools

Keep in mind that pruning creates a wound in the tree, which makes it temporarily more susceptible to infection. Therefore, it’s important to work with clean, sharp tools to avoid ripping the bark and causing unnecessary injury to the tree. You should also sterilize pruning tools after you cut diseased and dead branches. This helps prevent the spread of pathogens to healthy trees and plants. Wipe down your pruning tools with a disinfectant after each use.


  1. Cut at the right spot

Smooth, clean cuts will promote the formation of a protective callus over the wound and limit your tree’s exposure to disease. Cuts should be made at a 45-degree downward angle just outside the collar, which is the wider ring of bark at the base of a branch. Cuts made flush with the trunk can damage the stem tissue and cause decay. Alternatively, leaving a stub will delay the healing process or cause dieback that encourages infestation.


  1. Leave it to the professionals

This is the best way to ensure your trees are pruned correctly, shaped beautifully and kept healthy. In particular, pruning large branches and limbs requires a three-step procedure to prevent damage to the tree and avoid accidents or injuries. Experienced arborists have the equipment and training to keep you, your trees and your property safe. They can also inspect your trees for signs of disease or infestation and make recommendations for how best to protect vulnerable trees.


Arborist services in Calgary

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