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Summer Maintenance

Established Lawn Care Services

Did you happen to suffer an injury while mowing your lawn? Perhaps it is your property that was accidentally damaged while trimming your grass edges? At ArborCare®, we have heard many of such cases and we help our clients avoid these issues with our dedicated lawn care and mowing services in Edmonton, Calgary and Vernon.

As the first impression your visitors get when approaching your property, a healthy and vibrant lawn allows your friends and clients to establish whether you will take as good care of them as you do of your own lawn. Therefore, having a green and evenly trimmed lawn helps improve your image as well as that of your business or home.

Healthy Lawn, Healthy Life

Lawn care is similar to a manicure – it might seem superfluous at first, but a well-maintained appearance shows a high level of care. Matters of first impression affect the perception that others have of you, both personally and professionally. At ArborCare, we pay close attention to details and provide comprehensive lawn care services.

  • Lawn mowing: this is our primary summer maintenance service. If not done appropriately and at regular intervals, it may become a source of harmful pests and insects.
  • Lawn watering: combined with grass cutting done regularly, this helps maintain a healthy soil for your lawn to grow free of pests and keep weeds away. Our lawn experts come around with a dedicated water cistern truck to water your lawn whenever the weather does not allow for rain over an extended period of time.
  • Edge trimming: the edges of your evenly mowed lawn are just as important and we know it!
  • Lawn fertilization: other than water, grass needs appropriate nutrients to remain healthy and we have several organic options to choose from.
  • Soil aeration: for your lawn to maintain its gorgeous looks in the summer, it is important to allow it to breathe to avoid soil compaction, disease and buildup of thatch (layer of organic matter between the superficial grass layer and the deeper soil). We have a technique applied in the fall or spring that is designed to deliver a radiant lawn in the summer.

Benefits of Lawn Care

Having your lawn professionally cared for offers more benefits for your home or business than you may think. If you’ve never hired a professional contractor for that purpose, it will be helpful to find out what to expect when working with ArborCare.

  • Save time: devote more time to your business or family by having us look after your lawn.
  • Avoid accidents: yard work can be physically strenuous. It can possibly lead to injury to yourself and to damages to your own property. Avoid this headache and get scheduled summer maintenance.
  • Save money: when done by yourself, lawn care will carry expenses of a lawn mower, edge trimmer (along with their respective gas and power costs), extension power cables, means of transportation for your equipment, and much more. Why spend so much money when you can hire us to do it?
  • Increase value: a well-maintained lawn can greatly increase not only the monetary value of your property (which is a considerable asset for both individuals and businesses), but also increase its visual and curb appeal.
  • Get consistent service: if you own a business and establish a contract with us, you will have one less thing to worry about. As an insured company in business for over 30 years, we deliver on our promise and respect every aspect of the mutual agreement made with each of our clients.

Don’t wait for your grass to be a foot long; call ArborCare now to receive experienced advice and service! Our experts will enjoy answering your questions.

We Care for Your Trees

Our team provides professional tree care services and plant management programs to keep your landscape looking beautiful

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