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4 spring tree care tips

Spring Tree

Now that the snow has melted and the temperature is rising, you may look forward to spending more time in your backyard. However, you’ll need to start by ensuring your property is ready for the warm months ahead. As your trees wake up from their winter hibernation, here are four things you should do to get them ready for summer.


  1. Inspect

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your yard, so start by assessing the damage. If a tree has broken limbs or a split trunk, request a consultation with a professional arborist to determine the best course of action. Even severely damaged trees can sometimes be saved with the proper structural reinforcement. The key is to take steps early in the season to give your tree the best chance for recovery.


  1. Prune

Early spring is an ideal time to trim your trees because both plants and potential pests are still dormant. The lack of foliage makes it easy to see what you’re doing. Prune dead, damaged and diseased branches before the warm weather hits to reduce the risk of infestation and promote a quick recovery. Keep in mind that spring is a busy time for arborists, so be sure to schedule a pruning service call as soon as possible.


  1. Fertilize

While not all trees need to be fertilized, there are cases when a supply of extra nutrients is vital. In the spring, fertilization can help replenish soil that’s lacking in essential nutrients and promote the growth of young trees. Additionally, fertilizer can help a tree recover from winter damage. Look for signs like discoloured foliage, stunted leaves and twig dieback. Be sure to apply fertilizer to the entire root zone area and water thoroughly to ensure the nutrients are drawn down into the soil.


  1. Mulch

Apply a thick layer of mulch (about seven to 10 centimetres deep) around the perimeter of your trees. Be sure to leave space near the trunk to prevent fungus growth. Mulch is particularly beneficial to saplings and young trees as it helps retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature and control weed growth. This groundcover can also serve as a barrier to protect the trunk from your lawnmower.


Tree services in Edmonton and surrounding areas

If you need an experienced arborist to help you get your trees ready for summer, give the experts at ArborCare a call. We offer tree assessment, pruning and planting services. We’re also your trusted source for natural, well-rotted wood chip mulch. Contact us today to schedule an appointment in Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna or the surrounding communities.

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