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5 reasons to prune your trees during the pandemic

Tree Pruning

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, and while certain services remain accessible, you may be wondering what to do about your spring landscaping. Should you delay pruning your trees this spring or wait until COVID-19 subsides? Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t postpone this essential tree care service.


  1. Pruning promotes healthy tree growth

The purpose of pruning is to remove all dead, damaged and diseased branches from your trees to make way for new growth. If these weakened branches remain throughout the growing season, your trees will be more vulnerable to disease and infestation. For young trees, structural pruning helps promote proper development and a strong crown.


  1. The work can be done at a safe distance

Thanks to online payment options, you can enjoy the benefits of pruning and other professional tree care services while respecting social distancing recommendations. It’s easy to keep your distance from an arborist when they’re up a tree. For more information about the steps we’ve taken to keep our customers and employees safe during the pandemic, contact us today.


  1. Pruning prevents trees from becoming a hazard

From broken limbs to cracked trunks, harsh winter weather can greatly damage your trees. Even small, dead or damaged branches that remain tangled in the crown can be a hazard to the people and property below. Pruning removes this threat. When you hire a professional arborist to do the job, you can also benefit from their assessment services if you have trees with more severe structural problems.


  1. Spring is the best time to prune trees

Early spring is an ideal time to prune your trees since both plants and pests are still dormant. The absence of foliage makes it easier to identify structural defects and damaged branches. If you postpone pruning until after spring, your trees will be more susceptible to disease and infestation. What’s worse, if you wait until the fall, you’ll prevent your trees from going dormant before winter.


  1. Pruning allows you to make the most of your yard

Even as provincial governments begin to launch plans for re-opening the economy, normalcy is a long way off. As parks, restaurants, beaches and other locations may remain closed or at reduced capacity this summer, you’ll likely spend most of your time in your backyard. Pruning will help prevent your lawn, patio and pool from being littered with fallen branches, allowing you to enjoy your private retreat all season long.


Contact an arborist in Western Canada

At ArborCare, we’re committed to helping you maintain beautiful, healthy trees on your property. From assessments and pruning to planting and removal, we continue to serve the tree service needs of our customers in Calgary, Edmonton and Kelowna. Contact us today to request an estimate.

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