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Mulch Sales

Trusted Source for Mulch

Mulch is a material used to cover tree wells and flowerbeds to help retain moisture. Come to ArborCare when you need natural, non-dyed, well-rotted wood chip mulch. Since 1983, we have been a trusted source for mulch in Kelowna, Calgary, and Edmonton. Mulch can also be used as a ground cover in landscaping and is also great for shelterbelts, acreages, and gardens. Choose our products when you want to protect your trees and shrubs in a natural, chemical-free way. Our ArborMulch products are a mixture of poplar, spruce, ash, and any other trees we work on. Call us today to learn more.


Processes vs Unprocessed Mulch

Processed mulch chips are put through a chipper and then through a tub grinder to obtain more uniform chip pieces. Whereas unprocessed mulch chips are put only through a chipper and the pieces could be quite large, and there may be small branches and sticks.


Free Pick-up Available for Wood Products

Apart from mulch sales, we also sell firewood, tree/stump cookies, and more. At our company, you can find a variety of wood products that are available for free pick-up for organizations located in our service area. We’ve had many after-school programs where they can pick up sticks from our yard for their after-school arts and crafts programs.

We Care for Your Trees

Our team provides professional tree care services and plant management programs to keep your landscape looking beautiful

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