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Is winter a good time to remove trees?

Winter is an ideal time to prune your trees, but is it the best time to have a tree removed entirely? Here’s some information to help you decide when to remove a tree from your yard.


Reasons to remove a tree

A tree is usually removed as a last resort when pruning or disease management fail to revitalize it. There are numerous signs that

  • A dry, dark brown layer under the bark
  • Fungi growing at the base of the trunk
  • Large dead or hanging branches in the crown
  • Hollows in the trunk or main limbs
  • Rising soil around the roots

If a tree on your property is displaying one or more of these symptoms, you should schedule a tree risk assessment with one of our certified arborists.


Removing trees immediately

A tree should be removed as soon as possible when there’s a risk of injury to people and/or damage to property. Dead trees often pose a safety hazard because they’re weak and unpredictable. A diseased or infested tree should also be removed promptly if it’s at risk of infecting nearby healthy trees. 

It’s possible for a tree to need removal but be stable enough to deal with at your leisure. If this is the case, there are several benefits to waiting until winter to remove a tree.


Removing trees in the winter

Without their leaves, deciduous tree branches are lighter and easier to remove during the winter. This can increase the efficiency and safety of the removal process. Additionally, your yard is less susceptible to damage during a winter removal operation since the ground is frozen and your gardens are likely empty.

If your tree doesn’t need to be removed entirely but requires major restorative pruning, the best time to do this work is during the winter. Trees experience less stress when they’re dormant, from mid-winter until early spring. Winter pruning also promotes faster regrowth in the spring.

Although it’s often cheaper to have a tree removed during the winter when tree care services are in low demand, the price of removing a tree also depends on its size, location and particular needs.


Contact a certified arborist

Winter is a convenient time to remove trees, but there are many factors that influence when a tree should be removed. As members of the American Society of Consulting Arborists, the qualified staff at ArborCare can help you make this decision.

Regardless of when you decide to have a tree removed, this dangerous process should be carried out by trained and experienced arborists. ArborCare offers tree and stump removal services in Calgary, Edmonton and Vernon. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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