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Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal in Calgary

If you had to remove a tree recently, you may be unsure of what to do with the remaining stump. While it may be tempting to leave it in place or to try and remove it yourself, it’s best rely on the tree care experts at ArborCare®. Our arborists have the skills, knowledge and equipment required to safely and efficiently remove tree stumps from your yard. We service Calgary.


Why you may need to remove a tree stump

Sometimes people worry that the cost of stump removal outweighs the advantages. However, tree stumps can cause serious problems if left behind. Here are some ways they can become cause for concern:

  • Growth problems. The roots of a tree stump may continue growing even after the tree is cut. This could cause damage to water pipes. It’s also likely that the stump will encourage the growth of small trees around it. These could monopolize available nutrients and harm surrounding vegetation.
  • Safety concerns. It’s common for children to trip on tree stumps and fall while playing in the yard. In addition, if visitors, postal workers, neighbours or delivery people are injured because of a stump, you’re likely to be held liable. Finally, stumps can damage lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment.
  • Diseases and pests. If the tree fell or was cut down because it became unhealthy due to a disease, fungus or pest, remember that the problem is still present in the stump. Leaving it there could contaminate other plants in your yard. In addition, many insects like to nest in tree stumps. 
  • Lack of curb appeal. Left alone, tree stumps will eventually start to rot or become covered in moss or fungus. This can negatively impact your home’s curb appeal. 
  • Construction complications. If you don’t remove stumps from your yard, you may have to deal with them at a later date. This is especially common when building a shed, installing a pool or putting up a fence. New growth can also crack concrete.


How we can help with removing stumps

Attempting to remove a stump by yourself can be dangerous. Unless you have the proper equipment and are trained to use it, leave stump removal to the pros. And, whatever you do, never try to blast or burn a stump away. You run the risk of damaging your yard or injuring yourself or someone else.

When it comes to stump removal, it’s always best to hire an expert. At ArborCare®, we provide professional stump removal services to customers in Calgary, including stump grinding and complete removal of the stump and its root system.


Tree stump removal services in Calgary

Removing an unsightly and potentially dangerous stump from your property is always the right call. If you’re unsure which removal method would be best, get our expert arborists to take a look. They’ll explain your options, make a recommendation and execute the work professionally, safely and efficiently.


To learn more about our stump removal services, contact us today.

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