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Tree Growth Problems in Alberta and British Columbia

Most of us tend to give our trees very little thought when it comes to our home’s landscaping. The truth is your trees need just as much care and attention (if not more,) as the other aspects of your yard.

Even with proper pruning and tree maintenance (such as pest control,) your trees can be exposed to a variety of harmful factors that could delay their growth and even cause them to experience dieback. These include:

Girdling roots. A tree’s roots can sometimes wrap around the trunk, restricting the flow of nutrients and water.

Grade changes. Adding too much topsoil around the tree can significantly reduce the amount of oxygen the roots get.
Similarly, removing too much soil can eliminate certain portions of the root system and can cause serious stress on a tree.

Septic tank. Waste and chemical leaks from a septic tank can kill a nearby tree’s root system.

Drainage. Poor drainage can lead to a build-up of excess water. This prevents roots from getting enough oxygen and essential nutrients they need to survive, and could eventually cause them to wilt and rot.

Severed roots. Removing just one root can completely destabilize a tree. This imbalance between a tree’s root system and its top disrupts the flow of nutrients and puts the entire tree under a great amount of stress.

Drought. Dry soil conditions can weaken a tree, making it vulnerable to insect infestations, as well as significantly jeopardize its overall health.

Overcrowding. Trees that are grouped closely together won’t have the necessary space for their roots to develop underground and their branches to grow aboveground. Too little space will also force a tree to compete with others for soil nutrients.

. Apart from visibly scarring a tree, lightning can damage its root system as well as disrupt its water distribution process. A tree struck by lightning can also become severely weakened, leaving it susceptible to other types of damage such as pests, diseases and decay.

Salt. Trees next to streets are often exposed to excessive amounts of salt during the winter. This can reduce its growth, make it more susceptible to insects and damage, and cause it to eventually die.

Quality tree care services in Calgary, Edmonton, and the Okanagan
Proper tree care can be complicated, technical and—in certain cases—dangerous. That’s why it’s important to leave tree growth issues to the professionals. AtArborCare Tree Service Ltd, our experienced and knowledgeable arborists have been keeping trees healthy and beautiful for over 30 years now. Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you

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