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Insect and Disease Control

Insect and Disease Control in Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna & All Western Canada

We’ll Help Protect Your Trees & Shrubs

ArborCare offers extensive Insect and Disease Control programs in Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Kelowna & All of Western Canada. A common ArborCare Plant Management (APM) recommendation is for 3 foliage spray and wash applications per year. Using an insecticidal soap product, this program assists in washing harmful dust and pollutants from your trees as well as controlling many damaging insects. Spray applications are timed at 4-6 week intervals throughout the spring and summer months to match insect population pressures and coincide with occurrence.

Additional insect control measures, such as dormant oil, are recommended from time to time to target specific insect pests. Trunk injection of systemic pesticides such as TreeAzin® or Orthene® can provide an additional control measure for many hard-to-manage pests. ArborCare’s licensed Plant Health Care Technicians have been trained in the safe use of environmentally friendly products. Chemical insecticides are implemented only when the situation warrants their use.

Winter protection for evergreens with an autumn application of an anti-desiccant is also available to protect tender plants from harsh Chinook winds.

Foliage Spray & Wash

As the heat and aridity of summer increases, so do insect populations that thrive in these ideal conditions. ArborCare Tree Service Ltd., serving Western Canada, has designed a foliage spray and wash system, used as part of the ArborCare Plant Management (APM) program or separately, to combat insect infestations throughout the growing season.

It consists of a timed series of applications using a high pressure spray mixture of insecticidal soap and water to control damaging insects and to wash harmful dust and pollutants from your trees. The mixture varies according to the severity of the infestation and the insect species present. Throughout the year, ArborCare monitors insect activity and prepares its programs accordingly. We recommend 3 foliage spray and wash applications throughout the season timed at 4-6 week intervals to combat insect population pressures.

Additional control measures, such as horticultural oil applications, are also recommended as a proactive deterrent to the growth of insect populations.

We proudly use environmentally friendly products. Contact us today to get started.

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