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Tree Planting Services in Calgary

Tree Planting Services in Calgary

Tree planting is essential to preserving and maintaining Calgary’s urban forest. Trees improve air quality, increase property value and provide shade and shelter for people and animals. The arborists at ArborCare® plant trees for residential and commercial customers. Contact us today to learn more about our Calgary tree planting service.

Expertise Sets ArborCare® Apart

At ArborCare®, we plant most of our trees by hand. We dig the majority of holes the old-fashioned way —with shovels and elbow grease — to avoid damaging your property and the tree. Hand-digging allows us to work in tight spaces and plant trees in areas that equipment can’t access.

With extensive knowledge about Calgary climate and soil types, our arborists understand what trees will grow best and how and where to plant them. With our expertise in tree species, soil types and climate, we can choose trees that grow healthy and strong without needing fertilizers, excess water and other maintenance.

Types of Trees

Our arborists plant native tree species and use local nurseries, so the trees are already hardened to the Calgary climate. Some species that do well in Calgary include:

Coniferous trees include white spruce, Colorado spruce and Siberian larch, which have needles that grow all year. Other fruit trees that blossom beautifully in Calgary include:

Position shade trees in the southwest corner of your house. This way, the tree will shade your home during the afternoons in summer. Native species are more drought tolerant and require less maintenance. Shop on our website to find trees and other ArborCare® products.

Why Choose ArborCare®

ArborCare® is accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), which recognizes our commitment to ethics, quality and consumer confidence. TCIA is the only organization in North America that audits tree care businesses to safeguard consumers. The accreditation is your assurance that we follow all safety guidelines and will plant your trees according to industry best practices.

ArborCare® plants trees for governments and municipalities across Western Canada, including the City of Calgary and the Province of Alberta. Our clients are a testament to the trust organizations have placed in us to plant trees with the utmost care. Read more about what our residential and commercial customers say about our service.

ArborCare® and Habitat for Humanity

Besides tree planting services for residential and commercial clients, ArborCare® also helps with community projects. For instance, our team provides free tree and shrub planting for Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta. The organization has built hundreds of affordable homes in Calgary to help families build strength, stability and independence.

Calgary Tree Planting for Residential and Commercial Properties

At ArborCare®, our arborists dedicate themselves to growing and maintaining healthy, beautiful trees in Calgary. We offer commercial and residential tree planting services and pruning, shaping and removal. Contact us today to request an estimate on our tree planting service in Calgary.


We Care for Your Trees

At ArborCare®, we have the expertise to take care of all your tree removal needs in

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