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Bronze Spring Cleanup

Bronze Spring Cleanup Calgary
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Clean out loose debris from beds, litter pick up, rake overwintered leaves, mowing, and spring fertilizer application.

S: Inner City Residential Lot (4,000 – 8,000 sq. ft)
M: Estate Lot (8,001 – 15,000 sq. ft)
L: Acreage Lot 1 (15,001 to 30,000 sq. ft)
XL: Acreage Lot 2 (30,001 + sq. ft) – ESTIMATE REQUIRED

1. MAX # of bags of debris INCLUDED IN PRICE, extra bags = $4.95/bag (S: 2 bags M: 4 bags L: 6 bags)
2. Dog “litter” must be cleaned prior to crew arrival. Failure to remove may lead to reschedule of service and could result in missed services for the week
3. Standard practice for weekly mow/trim service is to bag all clipping during peak growing season. Be advised that some mulching may occur during periods of reduced turf growth, to allow for rebuilding of thatch levels, an essential component to overall turf health
4. Due to the sensitive nature of perennials, annuals and some shrubs, spot spraying of weeds as a part of the PLUS FERTILIZER, PLUS WEEDS Package, will not include the turf bordering the front 6” or 15 cm of feature beds
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