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Snow Removal

Commercial snow removal services in Calgary and Edmonton

If you own or operate a large business, you know that a parking lot full of snow can mean a loss of revenue. Fortunately, ArborCare® can assist you with snow removal services in Edmonton and Calgary. Even if you are a small business owner with designated staff members to shovel the paved areas around your shop, we are well equipped to serve you as well. We provide qualified experience along with our sweepers, sanders, plows, Bobcats and dump trucks ready to move some snow.

Our Snow Removal Services Help Keep Your Paths Clear

Most cities provide snow removal services of public paths during our winters and they are usually well organized. However, when Mother Nature decides to shed more snow that we can handle, some of that snow may end up piled up nearby your business or private property.

For instance, the City of Calgary has a Seven Day Snow Plan for any paved roads used by motor vehicles and bicycles. This Plan allows citizens to check the snow removal schedule after a given snowfall. On the other hand, the City’s snow clearing bylaw requires property owners to remove the snow accumulated on the sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours of a snowfall.

ArborCare will ensure that you no longer have to worry about snow removal on or around your property or business. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs.

Benefits of Snow Removal

Allowing visitors and customers to walk safely to your store or office without slipping on icy ground is what any business owner would want.

  • Savings: Instead of paying hefty fines and fees from the City, save money monthly by hiring us to remove the snow on your property!
  • Client loyalty: If your private parking lot is full of snow, it will discourage clients from coming into your business. Get in touch with us to avoid this problem and keep your clients happy!
  • Reliability: At ArborCare, we highly value our clients and we honor every part of our contract – even the small print. You can count on our staff to be on cue with our mutual agreements.
  • Qualified equipment and experience: As a business or property owner, we’d like to think that you happen to have more pressing concerns on a daily basis – especially after a snowfall. And we’ve been removing snow for quite some time, which allows us to be appropriately equipped and very efficient at it.

Let our experienced staff provide you with snow removal service in Edmonton, and Calgary – call ArborCare today!

We Care for Your Trees

Our team provides professional tree care services and plant management programs to keep your landscape looking beautiful

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