Kill Insects at No Risk to Pets or People

At ArborCare Tree Service Ltd., serving Western Canada, we’re proud to use Safer’sĀ® insecticidal TrounceĀ®, a non-toxic insecticide-miticide that offers effective control of a broad range of insects, including caterpillars and beetles. This product provides very rapid knock down and control of pests. Once the spray solution has dried, the product is no longer active. Trounce is non-residual and biodegrades readily. It is considered safe to humans, pets and the environment.

The active ingredients in Trounce are a blend of 20% potassium salts of fatty acids (sometimes called ā€œsoapsā€), and 0.2% pyrethrums. The fatty-acids are derived from plant and animal oils. Unlike almost all other pyrethrum-based pest control products registered in Canada, the pyrethrums used in Trounce are natural and not synthetic. Pyrethrums are the active insecticidal components extracted from the crushed flowers of the pyrethrum chrysanthemum. The inert ingredients in the Trounce formulation are a mixture of alcohol and water. No inorganic solvents are used.

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