Environmentally Friendly TreeAzin® by BioForest Technologies Inc.

Some tree insects are so persistent in the environment that the only way to fight against them is with a systemic injection. Previously, many of these insects could be controlled with the product ConfidorĀ® but it is no longer being manufactured in Canada. Thankfully, there is a new product available, and it is working wonders and saving trees across Canada.

TreeAzin, when used as labeled, it is not persistent in the environment and poses minimal risk to applicators and bystanders, bees and other pollinators, soil and aquatic environments, as well as pets and wildlife.

When compared to other common products it is found that aspirin and caffeine are each approximately 10 times more toxic than TreeAzin. TreeAzinā€™s active ingredient is azadirachtin which is derived from the neem tree seeds (TreeAzin is not neem oil and is not a neonicotinoid) and is considered a botanical insecticide by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA). It is injected under a treeā€™s bark, directly into the vascular tissues and degrades naturally which gives the product desirable ecological properties without compromising efficacy.

TreeAzin provides effective control against emerald ash borer for up to two years and kills an amount greater than 95% of EAB larvae. When Bioforest performed an efficacy trial against European Elm Scale in 2014 in Lethbridge, it showed that EES populations per branch that were left untreated by TeeAzin increased by 256% versus treated trees that only saw an increase of 65%.The results of Birch Leaf miner saw the treated trees having a significant reduction of miner populations by 95% in the first year of treatment.

TreeAzin treatments cost less than tree removal, disposal and replanting. TreeAzin is registered in Canada for control of emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, tent caterpillars, arborvitae leaf miners, budworms (both spruce and jack pine,) sawflies (including yellow headed spruce sawfly, pine false webworm, birch leaf miner,) and European elm scale.

If your tree is suffering from any of the above insects, you may be the perfect candidate to receive a systemic injection of TreeAzin! Contact the professionals at ArborCare Tree Service Ltd for a free estimate on treatment options today.