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Tree Removal Calgary, Edmonton and VernonWe know homeowners take great pride in their property and when something affects the look of their landscape, it can be distressing.

Especially when we need to remove a tree due to safety, aesthetics or the health of other plants, the project needs to be handled quickly and safely.

We are the professionals you can trust to treat outdoor spaces with care and respect.

ArborCare offers tree removal services in Calgary, Edmonton and Vernon that will take care of your landscapes safely and efficiently through harsh winters, rainstorms, and everything in-between.

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When do I Need to Remove a Tree?

Homeowners become attached to trees that add shade and beauty to their property.

While it is not always desirable, sometimes it might be necessary for us to remove a tree.

Some of these situations might include:

  • Tree Damages: If at least half of the tree has suffered damage that killed them or is dying, they should be eliminated. This is important to prevent the spread of beetles or disease to surrounding trees. If not dealt with, the weakened limbs and roots can cause the damaged tree to become falling debris, brittle and break, as well as posing danger to structures and people.
  • Power lines: Trees located near power lines become a serious hazard. Any tree larger than 25 feet under a line should be removed for safety reasons.
  • Shallow roots and epicormic shoots: Epicormic shoots are small branches that grow from the trunk. When this happens, it is a sign that a tree was traumatized in some way from overexposure to heat or severe damage during construction. Trees that feature shallow roots or small branches growing from the trunk are not healthy and may fall over eventually if they are not removed.
  • Undesirable Trees: While some species are highly coveted, others can be challenging to maintain. You might want to remove trees that drop a lot of debris or hard to maintain to preserve the beauty of the landscape.
  • Sick Tree: There are ways to determine whether or not your tree is unhealthy. If you spot any trunk damage, dead branches (especially only on one side) or leaning tree, these might be the symptoms of a sick tree and they should be removed.

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The Benefits of Tree Removal

Although it may be difficult to say goodbye to a tree that has been on the property for some time, there are distinct benefits to having our professionals remove a tree under the right circumstances:

Protect People

Dead branches become brittle and fall from the tree, potentially causing harm to people underneath. By eliminating the tree, we can help save people from injury and property owners from legal action if someone is hurt on their property.

Protect Structures

Trees growing too close to a house or other structures can cause damage if branches fall. Leaning trees are also a significant hazard since they can hit structures if the trunk weakens enough for the tree to fall.

Protect Infrastructure

Aggressive tree roots can be problematic, cracking underground pipes or damaging concrete walks and driveways. By eliminating the tree, we also remove the risk of damage to your property.

Follow The Bylaws

City of Calgary, Edmonton and Vernon do not have a bylaw that concerns the management of trees located on private property.

Nevertheless, according to the City of Calgary’s Bylaws, homeowners and/or occupants must keep hedges, trees and shrubs on their property trimmed so they don’t interfere with pedestrians on the sidewalks or vehicles using the street or alley.

Hedges, trees or shrubs must not grow to or remain at a height greater than 750 mm when located within a corner of a lot. Fences, walls or other structures within a Corner Visibility Triangle must also not exceed a height of 750 mm.

A professional arborist from Arborcare can help remove a tree or provide you with an assessment on whether or not the tree needs to be removed.

Concerned about your trees? Contact our arborists in Calgary, Edmonton or Vernon today.

Can I Cut Down a Tree Myself?

Homeowners accustomed to managing their own landscape might consider removing a tree themselves.

However, we do not recommend this approach.

Major tree pruning and removal is a challenging task for the untrained.

It can be dangerous for a lot of obvious reasons including not having the right tools and seriously injure yourself, but there are a lot of other dangers people forget about.

For example, pruning or removing trees near power lines is very dangerous. Electricity can arc up to 10 feet. If you stand on a metal ladder, it can pose a serious danger to yourself.

Our tree removal services at Arborcare involve specialized tools that the average homeowner does not possess.

If a tree is in a risky area, such as around a power line or near a structure, please contact our licensed and insured arborists for help.

Without the right tool and knowledge, cutting down the tree can be dangerous and even deadly to you, your home, your family and your neighbours.

Why Choose Arborcare for Tree Removal

Our arborists at ArborCare are certified, insured, and fully-licensed professionals that offer tree removal in Calgary, Edmonton and Vernon.

In addition to our commitment to further the status of arboriculture as a profession, we are also dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our customers and their properties.

Once contacted, we will send one of our qualified arborists to your property for assessment.

A tree will be removed if our arborist determines:

  • The tree is too large
  • The tree is not of sufficient health and vigour
  • Access to a construction site is too difficult to relocate or transplant successfully

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