Residential Tree Pruning 

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Tree Pruning in Calgary, Edmonton & Vernon
ISA Certified Arborist Kyle Lane clearing deadwood from a tree.

Tree pruning is essential for maintaining the growth, structure, and integrity of a tree. Regular pruning minimizes the risk of broken limbs and falling branches, and a properly pruned tree will have fewer diseases as well as clean, even growth.

Additionally, tree pruning plays a significant role in the proper development and structure of your trees. Why is that important? When your trees’ branches grow properly, they receive proper and adequate sun exposure as well as air circulation, which promotes the overall health of the tree.

While pruning and shaping can be done year round, arborists need to pay close attention to the weather, the season, and other conditions that affect your tree’s growth.

Fortunately, ArborCare Tree Service has ISA-certified arborists to provide professional tree trimming in Calgary, Edmonton, Vernon. We understand how shrubs and trees react to different procedures, so we can ensure your trees stay healthy for years to come.

What We Can Do for Your Trees

At ArborCare Tree Services, we understand your needs for tree pruning in Calgary are unique. As such, we specialize in a wide variety of tree trimming, shaping, and pruning procedures:

  • Cabling/Bracing: If your tree split during a storm, cabling and bracing can be used to restore the integrity and structure of the tree.
  • Crown Cleaning: There are 3 classes of crown cleaning: fine, medium, and coarse pruning. This service removes water sprouts and dead branches to improve the health of the tree.
  • Crown Elevating: Crown elevating removes low, troublesome branches that may obstruct your street or impede traffic.
  • Crown Thinning and Restoration: To prevent overcrowding and promote tree health, crown restoration removes branches to improve space in the tree’s canopy.
  • Crown Reduction: Crown reduction involves reducing your tree’s height through careful pruning. It is typically done as a last resort to save the tree.
  • Reshaping and Shearing: Best done on young trees, reshaping and pruning gives your trees an attractive appearance.
  • Structural Pruning: Shaping and pruning create space between trees and nearby power lines, buildings, and other obstructions. This not only gives the tree room to grow but minimizes safety risks.

Contact Us for If Your Trees May Need Pruning or Shaping

If you’re interested in maintaining the health of your tree, request a free estimate for your residential tree pruning services today! We are proud to provide professional tree trimming for Calgary, Edmonton and Vernon residents and look forward to hearing from you.