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Firewood Sales

Locally Sourced Firewood for Sale in Calgary

ArborCare® is offering locally sourced, mixed firewood for sale in Calgary this winter. Our firewood is clean and energy-efficient which means that you have more heat without the hassle or maintenance. We start splitting the wood in February, so you can pre-order with us and stock up on your firewood needs to stay warm and cozy this winter season.

In addition to keeping you and your family comfortable, you would also be giving back to your community where 10% of proceeds will go towards the Veterans Food Bank of Calgary. Trust ArborCare® to provide quality firewood during this time of shortage.

Veterans Food Bank of Calgary Veterans Association Food Bank of Edmonton

Firewood at Affordable Prices

We have been in the industry since 1983. All these years of experience have helped us identify great sources of firewood so that we can provide you with quality, locally-sourced firewood at the most competitive prices. Our prices are as follows:

  • 8 foot truck box $225
  • 6 foot truck box $200
  • Small skid-steer bucket $50
  • Large skid-steer bucket $100
  • Chopping blocks $25

We are now taking pre-orders. To pre-order, please fill out the online form or call 1-877-444-8733 with your name, phone, email, size and quantity. Pick up only.

* Buy Local, burn local, don’t move firewood : pests in your firewood can destroy our forests.

Pre-order Your Firewood Today!

We Care for Your Trees

At ArborCare®, we have the expertise to take care of all your tree removal needs in

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