Protect Your Trees from Weakening & Disfigurement

Weevils are basically beetles with pointy snouts. The rose curculio weevil is actually a troublesome pest to roses, but it is the white pine weevil that is responsible for the most serious damage to the tops of our Colorado and native white spruce trees. The insect looks for small (under 4.5 metres tall), healthy spruce trees in the spring to breed and lay eggs on. Eggs are laid only in the very top or “leader” of the tree. Larvae hatch and begin to develop downwards from the top of the tree. Around early July, the first sign of infestation, a wilting, dying top 20-100 cm of tree becomes noticeable. By the end of summer, the entire top metre or so of the tree is dead. It is shown as a “shepherd’s crook”
at the top of the tree.

As repeated years of infestation severely weaken and disfigure trees, it is best to monitor your trees closely for any sign of infestation early in the year and prune out the infestation as soon as possible. There are no practical means of controlling this pest with insecticide and pruning is best done by professionals who know what to look for and how much to prune.

For further information, please visit National Resources Canada’s white pine weevil page. You can also contact us today.