Fight Off Damage from Plant Lice

Aphids are small, soft-bodied insects with piercing, sucking mouthparts. Also known as “plant lice”, populations of aphids on trees and shrubs can damage or severely weaken host plants if the insects are present in sufficient quantities and left unchecked.

Some species of aphids are much more damaging than others. Especially damaging are the smoky-wing poplar aphids and conifer aphids, which feed directly on the stems, twigs and branches of trees, rather than simply on the undersides of leaves like most other species. Some aphids are also known to be able to transmit diseases from plant to plant through their saliva and become the vectors for more serious diseases of trees and shrubs.

Signs your plants are infested with aphids are their visible presence on the undersides of the leaves or on the stems, the blackening of paved areas underneath the tree, and/or the sticky “honeydew” on your patio furniture or your car.

Our recommended control of the aphids is to apply a foliar spray 4-6 weeks apart or less during the infestation periods in summer. Contact us for your recommended APM Program.