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Guide to Edmonton’s Plant Hardiness Zone

aerial view of Edmonton Walterdale bridge and park

What are the best trees to plant in Edmonton? Understanding the Edmonton plant hardiness zone can help you choose trees with the best chance of survival over the brutal winter. Here’s what you need to know about the Edmonton growing zone and some of the best trees to plant on your property.

What Is Edmonton’s Plant Hardiness Zone?

You know that if you plant a palm tree outside in Edmonton, it’ll die over winter. Some trees are better suited to northern climates than others. Plant hardiness zones help growers determine the best plants to grow.

Zones published by Natural Resources Canada are established based on temperatures, soil conditions, sunlight, wind speeds, the number of frost-free days per year and average snowfall and rainfall. There are 10 zones in Canada, with zero being the coldest and most extreme areas and nine being the most temperate. Trees, shrubs and plants are then given a zone designation based on the areas where they thrive.

How to Plant in Edmonton’s Growing Zone

Historically, Edmonton’s plant hardiness zone has been considered Zone 3. Only recently has it been changed to 4a due to climatic changes and better mapping technology. However, many tree experts maintain that plants rated Zone 2 or 3 are hardier and will do better in Edmonton’s -35 C temperatures than ones rated Zone 4. Zone 4 trees may need extra care to survive the winter, but don’t let that stop you from experimenting with these plants in your garden.

Edmonton has many micro-climates within the city. That means you may not be able to grow the same plants that your friend grows across town. Terrain, soil, light and drainage conditions must be considered when choosing your trees.

Ask an Edmonton Growing Zone Expert

If you’re unsure of the best trees suitable for Edmonton’s planting zone, talk to a local licensed arborist. ArborCare’s tree experts know Edmonton growing conditions like no one else and can recommend trees and shrubs after assessing your property. An arborist also knows the best planting techniques to give your trees the optimal chance of surviving.

Also, consider the time and energy you have for landscape care. If you’re short on time, look for low-maintenance trees or hire an arborist to keep your greenery healthy and protect it from disease and infestation.

Tree Planting Services in Edmonton

At ArborCare®, we know Edmonton’s varied climate and soil conditions and can help you choose and plant the best trees for your residential or commercial property. We also offer tree pruning and landscape maintenance. To learn more about our tree-planting services, contact us today.

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