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How To Take Care Of Your Landscaping

Close up of a gardener wearing gloves cutting the bushes

When you take care of your landscaping, your plants and other vegetation will flourish. Your healthy flowers, hedges and grasses enhance your property value and provide a space you can enjoy all summer. Here are some tips on spring and summer landscape maintenance.

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Water Your Trees During the Hot Summer Days

Young girl watering the trees in a garden

Summer heat brings the risk of dehydration and even death to your trees. So, when watering your lawn, garden and flowerbeds, don’t forget your trees on those hot summer days. Here are some tips about when and where to water your trees and how much water the tree needs.

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How to get rid of aphids on plants and trees

Aphids on a leaf

If there’s a sticky substance on your sidewalk, car or patio and you see little green bugs on your plants, you probably have an aphid infestation. What are aphids? Aphids are small, sap-sucking insects and one of the most common pests in gardens and yards in Western Canada. They have a voracious appetite, reproduce quickly…

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Organic tree and lawn care products: what you need to know

using organic products on garden trees

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to keep your lawn, garden and fruit trees looking their best? Here is what you need to know about organic fertilizers and pesticides. What is Organic Fertilizer? Organic fertilizers are derived entirely from natural ingredients like rock minerals and plant and animal by-products. This makes them…

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4 reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your backyard trees

Generous backyard with two Muskoka chairs in the front

When the snow melts and spring arrives, many homeowners plan summer getaways and family vacations. However, it’s essential not to overlook yard maintenance in your summer plans. Failing to take care of your trees can have drastic consequences for your yard and bank account. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your backyard trees.…

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What to look for when choosing an arborist

Suspended arborist cutting down a tree branch

Although often ignored, the trees on your property are of considerable value. After all, they typically take decades to reach their full size and height, if not more than a century. Moreover, trees create welcoming shade on hot summer days and can also be used for swings, tree houses and other kids’ activities. They may…

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Stump grinding vs. stump removal

Machine removing stumps

What do you do with the stump when you cut down a tree on your property? Leaving it to slowly decay on its own is certainly an option. However, if you want to get rid of it, you have two choices: stump grinding or stump removal. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method and…

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