Here is What the Customers of ArborCare Tree Service Have Had to Say

Community Spirit
I am writing to thank ArborCare for its generous donation to the Rhubarb Patch Garden project, in Inglewood, and to commend you on your community spirit.

Your donation has been instrumental in helping us to build an accessible garden for our seniors. The garden is now complete. There is a sense of genuine excitement and amplified social interaction between the residents. Our volunteers too were highly motivated to do what was “back-breaking” labour for the project. Some of our seniors even helped out with the build.

This is now community space where seniors and their neighbours can meet; a place that can prevent loneliness and isolation. JLF’s mission is to develop affordable housing with communities; that includes ensuring that seniors in present accommodations can age-in-place. This garden is one project that immediately met its objectives and we cannot thank you enough for your help. ArborCare will be recognized as a project donor onsite in addition to our community & social media communications.

Please also know that it was a great pleasure working with Alyra of your Calgary office; her assistance and flexibility were greatly appreciated. Thank you once again for participating in our “Neighbour-To-Neighbour” program and for helping us to build a legacy project for this generation of seniors and those to come.

-Shirley-anne R, Jack Long Foundation For Community Development

Calgary Arts Academy Foundation
On behalf of Calgary’s Arts Academy Foundation, thank you for your recent donation of ArborCare coupons and other items to our first annual “Calgary Arts Academy Presents An Evening of Arts & Inspiration.”

Proceeds from the event have been directed toward the ‘Capital Campaign’ and will go directly to capital costs associated with the renovation of the historic Weston Bakery building (our new home) at Calgary Stampede’s Youth Campus.

Calgary Arts Academy Foundation is charged by the Alberta Government with raising one million dollars for this renovation.

Again, thank you for your support.

–Andrew W, Chair, Calgary Arts Academy Foundation

City of Calgary
I thought I would give you some positive feedback on two of your employees that work with me on City of Calgary corrective action Bylaw activities: Dan Pedgoraro and Lito Ricoperto.

I have worked with Dan for several years now on the corrective action cuts and as of late Lito.

I find both of these two men to be very knowledgeable and very time efficient.

Dan and Lito work well together and I find they have developed a strong team partnership on getting their tasks completed and are prepared to move onto the next assignment.

Dan and Lito work hard and never slow down as the day wears on.

I have never received a citizen complaint after property owners arrive home to see the corrective action cuts.

I have on occasion received a phone call from property owners asking what our contractor’s name is as they will call the same contractor in the future due to the good work.

It is unusual to get return phone calls from property owners as they are getting invoiced by the City for the corrective action cuts on privately owned trees overhanging onto public property on streets, laneways, etc.

These two employees are great examples for ArborCare and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Please give them a raise they certainly deserve it.

It’s hard to replace good employees.

- Hugh McMahon, Community Peace Officer/Bylaw Officer, City of Calgary Bylaw Services

Proud to Have Worked with ArborCare
I have had a great relationship with the staff of ArborCare Tree Service for the past five years in relation to obstruction of laneways by overhanging trees/shrubs to obstruction of sidewalks, streets and fire hydrants.

When working with your organization, I found the staff is very professional, knowledgeable and dedicated.

Your department has some of the finest and most dedicated people one could ever hope to be associated with, and it is no small feat to deliver quality service consistently to the public we serve, despite enormous challenges in delivering day to day service.

It’s hard to single out certain individuals from ArborCare, but my overall experience will be remembered from the Field Staff to the Accounting Department to the Production Scheduler who schedules the corrective action cut dates for Bylaw Services.

I am proud and privileged to have been part of your team.

- Hugh McMahon, Community Peace Officer/Bylaw Officer, City of Calgary Bylaw Services

Central Alberta Rural Electrification Association Ltd.
ArborCare has been actively involved with CAREA’s vegetation management program over the past number of years. They have successfully replied to our vegetation control tenders and have been awarded contracts over the past five years for our slash/trim and hotspots.

CAREA has been very satisfied with ArborCare’s safety record and program noting that they have had no major incidents or accidents while under contract with CAREA.

ArborCare’s work ethic and job performance has been exceptional and performed at or above industry standards. Their supervisors are very safety and job performance orientated.

If you require additional information, you may contact me.

– Jim Kilgrain, Vegetation Management Supervisor, CAREA

City of Calgary Golf Courses
I understand that today may have been the last day that we are the beneficiaries of your services for a few months.

I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance over the last few weeks. Without it, our golf courses would still be closed.

I know dealing with our multiple layers of supervision that changed from course to course was likely a challenge on your end, but each one of my Superintendents had nothing but positive comments about the service both you and your crews on site provided.

I am certain we will be in touch following the emergencies, until then, take care.

– Kyle Ripley, Manager of Golf Course Operations, The City of Calgary Recreation

ATCO Electric
ArborCare Tree Service Ltd. (ArborCare) has been supplying right-of-way vegetation maintenance and clearing services to ATCO Electric Ltd. since 2006. Specifically, on a project-by-project basis, ArborCare provides IVMAA-certified workers and undertakes tree trimming, tree removal and slashing activities adjacent to energized power lines on ATCO Electric’s distribution and transmission systems.

In our experience, ArborCare operates safely and supplies competitive and quality brushing services. We have also found ArborCare to be adaptable and responsive to our needs when changing conditions and priorities dictate changes to the scope of work.

– Don Bouzane, Supervisor, Distribution & Transmission Right-of-Way Maintenance

BC Hydro
Received BC Hydro’s top rating for services. They spent a great deal of time looking after the trees then came back the next day to clean up the trees. Thank you for the great service.

– Brett Lovett, BC Hydro

Trimming Under Power Lines
I want to thank Ted and Rudy for excellent care and pruning of my long suffering Linden trees, which are situated under BC Hydro power lines in my front yard. Ted took the time today to listen to me and carrying out my requests to prune the tree branches back carefully into a more ‘healthy’ shape, so that my family, my neighbours and the larger community can enjoy them for another summer. He cut off the dead stuff, the suckers (as per Hydro instructions), and cleaned it up so that branches were more uniform and the trees had more rounded canopies. If anyone has seen a Linden get stunted from getting cut over and over through the years, branches crisscross everywhere, and it’s not pretty. So thank you guys. Much appreciated.

– Jennifer

ENMAX Power Corporation
ArborCare has held the tree trimming contract with ENMAX Power Corporation for the last two years. For myself and my field crews, ArborCare’s employees have been very professional and safety conscious in their day to day work. Most of the work that I inspected was trimmed to our needs and specifications.

BC Hydro’s Employee Giving Campaign
On behalf of BC Hydro’s United Way campaign team, I would like to offer our thanks to Arborcare Tree Service Ltd. for providing us with all the wonderful ArborCare swag. We were happy to be able to use these as incentive prizes for donating through BC Hydro’s employee giving campaign.

Thank you for making a positive difference to the lives of people in communities throughout BC!

Thank you again for supporting BC Hydro and United Way.

– Kiernan Dixon

Taking Pride in Their Work
I believe in today’s society that we are quick to complain, but not so quick to compliment, therefore that is the purpose of this contact. The senior arborist and his apprentice were polite, gracious and fully professional as well as efficient in both the task performed and in representing ENMAX and their own company. They not only accomplished the trim, but even asked to enter my property as part of their cleanup to pick up some branches I had not even noticed that had fallen inside the fence line.

I appreciate this trimming service now more than ever having suffered some health setbacks and that goes for the informative letter complete with a form and envelope to register for the service from you, Dori Gurtler, as well as the representation of this crew that would be sure to boost your pride in how this was handled. (I only regret not having thought to ask their names.) It appeared very clear that the gentleman in charge took pride in his work and was transferring that same quality to the apprentice and the time taken by both of them to shake my hand was the icing on the cake to send me inside to contact whoever is in charge to say thank you.

In my days of management, it was always nice to know how my staff were handling customers and this note is to let your management(s) know that this customer of yours is very happy and satisfied with the experience begun by letter February 28th and followed through with this April 19, 2012 at my home.

Thank you ENMAX and ArborCare team – job well done and appreciated!

– Christopher F.

My Right Hand Virtual Assistant
It is spring chipping week in our area of Vernon, BC and my husband and I just watched your men chip our branches and we just wanted to say Thank You for the great job! We were very impressed to see the guys rake and sweep the road area after chipping all of our branches. Although that maybe common practice for your company - we thought it was very responsible and it impressed us so much that I thought it was worth taking the time to comment. We appreciate your part in helping our neighbourhood look nice so thanks again for the great job! Whoever was responsible for hiring your company to do the work made a good choice! Feel free to pass my comments on.

– Stacey Taylor, My Right Hand Virtual Assistant

Special Needs Association for Parents & Siblings
There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your support during the Leather N Chaps Ridin’ for SNAPS Motorcycle Rally.

We at SNAPS are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like yourself who make a difference in the lives of others today and tomorrow.

– President of SNAPS

City of Saskatoon
ArborCare Tree Service has had six tree maintenance contracts with the City of Saskatoon over the last five years, the average value of each contract was $70,000. In the commission of the City pruning contracts ArborCare Tree Service continues to meet or exceed corporate and industry standards. All safety procedures are adhered to and followed rigorously on job sites. Contracts are completed on time.

– David Renfer, Contract Administrator, City of Saskatoon Parks Branch

Our Sincere Thanks
This is the fourth time we have had cutters come in to clear along the power line and this is the first time I felt a letter was warranted because of the good work. Mike Preddy and George Doust were a different pair of guys to have on site. 1.) They arrived when they said they would. 2.) They had an incredible work ethic and there were very few moments when the equipment was silent while they were here. 3.) Best of all they actually checked to see if we were agreeable to cutting in some of the areas that they felt we might be concerned about. 4.) They cleaned the work area when they were finished.

We would gladly recommend those two men and your company any time.

– Richard and Lorraine F.

Considerate Team of Professionals
I was so pleased to find your company would come “out of Calgary” to help save our trees affected by aphids this year. We will definitely be calling your company again if we need assistance. Very professional employees who know their jobs and are conscious of customer’s needs/restrictions (dogs, time, etc.).

– Cindy C.

Fantastic Service
Thank you so much for the superb response we have received from ArborCare. To have our trees attended to in such a timely manner and then to receive an unsolicited follow-up call offering clean-up services is just fantastic. You guys must be burnt out but keep up the excellent work!

– Jim B., Snowtember Response

Speedy Attention
Super service, amazing staff. Thanks for your speedy attention removing our hazardous tree.

– Heather I.