Tree Growth Problems in Alberta and British Columbia

Most of us tend to give our trees very little thought when it comes to our home’s landscaping. The truth is your trees need just as much care and attention (if not more,) as the other aspects of your yard.

Even with proper pruning and tree maintenance (such as pest control,) your trees can be exposed to a variety of harmful factors that could delay their growth and even cause them to experience dieback. These include:
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Tips for Finding North If You’re Lost in a Forest

If you ever go hiking and become lost in the woods it is typically recommended that you find a relatively open area, stay put, and wait to be rescued. Rescue workers will have a much harder time tracking you down if you move around. If, however, you are positive that you know which direction the trail, a road, or an inhabited area lies, then getting your bearings and locating north can help you find your way.
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Tree Care in Calgary to Help Maintain Your Intelligent Plants

Plant communication is real thing and dates back to 1983, when two studies confirmed that certain plants and trees were able to protect themselves from insect attacks. According to the reports, willow trees, poplars and sugar maples began releasing a chemical to prevent bug infestation as soon as they discovered that their neighbouring trees were under attack. In other words, these trees were able to send, receive and understand messages to safeguard themselves against potential insect attacks.
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3 Fun Tree Crafts You Can Make with Your Kids

Many residents of Western Canadian cities such as Kelowna, Calgary, and Edmonton have trees in their yards. Instead of throwing out the branches and twigs you collect when cleaning your yard or trimming your trees, why not save some of them for fun crafts that you can make with your kids? Here are three quick and easy crafts that can add a cozy decorative touch to your home:
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Fall of the Dinosaurs, Rise of the Deciduous Trees

This past summer’s release of the blockbuster Jurassic World once again piqued the general population’s curiosity in how dinosaurs lived. One fact that you may be interested to know if you’ve turned into a bit of a dinosaur enthusiast is that the dinosaurs that once trampled though the forests of North America were surrounded by different trees than the ones we are surrounded by today.
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Petrified Wood: Trees That Turn to Stone

While most fossils are merely impressions of the original plant or animal life that made them, petrified wood is, essentially, a 3-dimensional representation of the original tree. Though none of the tree’s organic material actually remains in the petrified wood, the original structure of the tree itself is preserved down to the finest, microscopic details. It is often possible to observe structures such as tree rings in the petrified wood.
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Add Some Autumn Colour to Your Yard with These Beautiful Trees

Almost everyone appreciates the beautiful displays of warm colour put on by Canada’s deciduous trees every autumn. Unfortunately, many Canadians only get to enjoy this lovely autumn foliage when walking or driving down the street. Give yourself something to look at on your own property by planting a tree, or several trees, that looks stunning in the autumn. Here are five great suggestions that may work for your yard:
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The Six Scariest Looking Trees in the World

When people are asked to think of something scary, their first thought isn’t usually a tree. Trees are often described as beautiful and majestic, not terrifying and unnerving. However, with their gangly limbs, twisted trunks and dead bark, some trees can actually be pretty scary. Not convinced? The following six trees will show you just how spooky trees can actually be:
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Is Your Tree Suited for a Tree House?

Childhood is a time of wonder and imagination, and playing outdoors gives children a place to explore worlds of their own creation without relying on digital entertainment sources. One perfect environment for kids to cultivate a vivid imagination is a private tree house. In a tree house, kids can pretend to be high-seas pirates, adventurous astronauts, culinary master chefs, or whatever else their hearts desire.
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